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Reducing Expenses when Selecting Explosion Proof Cameras

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Reducing Expenses when Selecting Explosion Proof Cameras

Cameras like a third eye play significant roles everywhere in this high-tech world. CCTVs serve intense security purposes like in sensitive defense establishments and research laboratories. A deterrent to crime and ensuring safety, the camera is unmatched. Did you know that the Explosion-proof camera can tolerate hazardous surroundings? These robust cameras put up with heat and dust, chemicals, and gases. 

An ATEX-rated camera has received European certification, which means that it has undergone tests under such severe conditions. A company’s sound investments, hopes, and expectations may go for a toss with the wrong cameras. Choose wisely! Cameras last a lifetime with little or no maintenance. 


➢ Which applications need these expensive camera solutions?

Wherever hazardous conditions abound and many such venues exist, specialized cameras tolerate the conditions well with rugged casings made of superior stainless steel. Chemical factories and mines, the oil and gas industry, marine facilities, and manufacturing companies remain prone to disturbing, danger-filled environments day and night. Toxicity fills the atmosphere amidst dust and vapor, mist and gas. In a situation too dangerous for workers, digital technology comes to the rescue. 

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➢ Competitive pricing delivers value for money

Since they are far more expensive than conventional cameras, research carefully the companies, models, and prices along with the features. Avoid haste and invite recommendations. Is the budget ready? Where will the cameras be installed? What about maintenance and a control room? Consider a sound long-term investment. Explosion-proof Security camera solution provider may have all the answers ready. 

➢ How to reduce expenses?

Research, online perhaps, reveals who the reputed dealers are. Buy from them and invest in well-known brands though technology has spread its wings very wide. Even small companies offer advanced products, but they have not stood the test of time. Avoid those sensational discounts that promise many things but may turn out to be tricksters in disguise. 

reduce expenses

Sales gimmicks attract attention and usually display the costliest products first, like in the local shops. Avoid falling for the bait and take the time to sift through all the models. Get acquainted with the details and make comparisons of the features in the models and the prices. Ask whatever doubts may arise. It is a good idea to visit the physical store too rather than shop online alone.  Visit a few organizations and be satisfied with all aspects.

Discuss the intended applications since the staff will be pretty familiar with the uses. Talk it over with the manager or senior officials rather than the salespersons alone.

➢ Avoid fanciful purchases

In these technologically advanced times, every device presents a vast range of models and prices. Maybe the mega-companies can afford to buy the costly models, but so many features are not necessary. The budget models serve monitoring and security purposes well. Besides, along with the high prices, some additional expenses will increase the expenditure that may become very high in the end. 

➢ Work within the budget

Get rid of vanity shopping desires and get down to business. Make a list of devices that suit the intended purpose. An instant decision is not required. Sleepover it and rethink it the next day. Along with the online research and local visits to the physical store, an understanding gradually dawns. Don’t forget to read online reviews and invite the recommendations of colleagues and friends who had similar experiences. 

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➢ Get practical 

If the budget, number of cameras with the purposes, and locations for installation are ready, it is time for action.  Talk over the guarantees and warranties offered. Will the company undertake maintenance services? Do they offer discounts? 

Some companies do bargain with large purchases while others don’t.  Make an offer and test the waters. Do they agree to the terms and conditions offered? 

Are the cameras required in stock, or will they order it afresh, which means a waiting period? Don’t forget that haste in business always leads to losses. Having time available means no hurry and no loss. 

•  UTP and Fiber connectivity within the camera base reduces expenses with many connectivity options. Installation time is reduced.
•  A less costly junction box reduces costs further. Carefully research prices, and
•  Direct motor drives instead of belts reduce maintenance costs
•  Avoid downtime with the right scheduled maintenance timings

Explosion-proof CCTV system provider helps to identify the vantage points for their installation. Explosion-proof camera for oil and gas refers to only one of the many industries subjected to the harshest of environments. Explosion-proof surveillance system provider has universal applications since watching over sensitive facilities around the clock is compulsory. 

➢ Invest in high-quality Cameras 

Working with the Explosion-proof camera and the Atex-rated camera has become crucial for success in an industry-filled world with a hundred faces. 


 After much research and experience, the company SHARPEAGLE serves numerous applications with quality specialized explosion-proof cameras that do not cost very much. Costing between AED 300-500, these rugged and exquisite cameras are must-haves far out at sea and deep in the earth.  

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