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Revolutionary solar cameras are bringing sunshine in the construction industry, here’s how

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Revolutionary solar cameras are bringing sunshine in the construction industry, here’s how

Back in the 1970’s analog CCTV surveillance cameras were a big thing. For a long time, with expensive cabling and limited features, they managed to serve those with money in the construction industry. However, with the development of solar-powered cameras, things have changed. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a large or a small construction company, today you have the power to choose. Instead of electricity-powered construction cameras, you can rope in solar construction cameras. These solar cameras are wireless construction cameras that do not need electricity to power them up and also can be easily installed in minutes. The most fascinating fact is that you can achieve up to 50% cost reduction in filming projects with solar cameras.

What is a solar camera?

A solar camera or solar construction camera is surveillance and outdoor security camera integrated with built-in solar panels. These solar panels generate energy when exposed to sunlight and charge the battery of the camera providing the necessary power for the operation.

PTZ solar camera

➢ What are the benefits of using a solar camera?

There are plenty of benefits of using a solar camera in the construction industry, such as:

•  Ideal for locations that lack electricity and IT infrastructure.
•  Easy to install and configure.
 It can even withstand extreme weather conditions.
•  Reduces cabling requirements.
•  It allows you to monitor your project remotely with the help of cloud connectivity.
•  Offers many smart features like automated time-lapse video, real-time video streaming, video recording, motion detection, alerts, and more.
•  All the above benefits cumulatively reduce the deployment cost.

➢ Ready to get started?

There are many companies out there, which can provide you solar cameras. You can either buy solar cameras or procure them on lease. Depending on the supplier, they will provide you services like installation, commissioning, and maintenance. If you need to supervise different sites at the same location of a project, you can also move these cameras on your own. But it is important to select the right supplier who can provide you solar construction cameras integrated with all the smart features.

Sharp Eagle is a leading supplier of solar cameras in UAE. Feel free to contact us at Sharpeagle.

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