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Revolutionary solar cameras are bringing sunshine in the construction industry, here’s how

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Revolutionary solar cameras are bringing sunshine in the construction industry, here’s how

Suppose your construction company has won bid for a challenging project of building a canal. The canal passes through a dessert, but your company has capabilities to take this challenge head on. However there is another technical hurdle. Since it’s a dessert, there is no infrastructure set up available for electricity and communications. This means, you can’t install your traditional construction cameras to document the progress of your project and keep an eye on the ongoing activities from any remote location. Conventionally you would have had two options, build required infrastructure at your own cost, which will tremendously add to the project cost, or turn away the opportunity. Albeit, now you have a choice. Instead of electricity powered construction cameras, you can rope in solar construction cameras. These solar cameras are wireless construction cameras which do not need to be powered by electricity and also can be easily installed in minutes. The most fascinating fact is that you can achieve up to 50% cost reduction in filming project with solar cameras.

What is a solar camera?

Solar camera or solar construction camera is a surveillance and outdoor security camera integrated with built in solar panels. These solar panels generate energy when exposed to sunlight and charge the battery of camera providing necessary power for the operation.

What are the benefits of using a solar camera?
  • Ideal solution in locations where there is lack of electricity or IT infrastructure
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Runs smooth in extreme weather conditions
  • Being wireless construction camera, there is no need for wiring, which dramatically reduces cost
  • These cameras offer cloud connectivity for remote monitoring of project
  • These cameras offer many smart features like automated timelapse video, real time video streaming, video recording, motion detection, alerting and more
  • Being portable and small, these cameras can be easily moved from site to site
Interested in installing solar cameras? What’s the way forward?

There are many companies out there, which can provide you solar cameras. You can either buy solar cameras or procure on lease. Depending on the supplier, they will provide you services like installation, commissioning and maintenance. If you need to supervise different site at the same location of a project, you can also move these cameras on your own. But it is important to select the right supplier who can provide you
solar construction cameras integrated with all the smart features. Studio 52 and Sharp Eagle are two leading suppliers of solar cameras in UAE. For further assistance you can get in touch with them at

Studio 52

Sharp Eagle


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