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Say Goodbye To Mining Challenges With SharpEagle Video Surveillance Solutions

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Say Goodbye To Mining Challenges With SharpEagle Video Surveillance Solutions

Mining is still considered one of the most difficult working environments ever. The owners of the mining industries are struggling to keep the miners safe. The deaths and injuries that happen in these industries continue to rise despite protective measures. Most mining industries are spread across South Africa. As per the reports, South Africa has a poor performance in the field of safety. However, the mine owners are gearing up and trying their best to protect the workers’ lives. 


Besides harming the workers, these accidents can also bring major losses to the industries. For instance, the mining work can stop for days and restart only when things are back to normal. In addition, the machines sued while mining can also get damaged due to the accidents. But the good news is that all of these problems can be easily avoided if the mining industry adapts to 24X7 video surveillance. 

➢ Reduced Visibility Owing to Dust and Darkness

One major problem that minors face is poor visibility. The atmosphere is filled with dust, which obstructs the view greatly. Also, these areas are mostly dark, which adds to the issue. However, advanced IR illuminated cameras can come to the rescue. A camera that uses IR technology can capture high-quality video images even in low light. The wide dynamic range of the device can capture even the minute details that ordinary CCTV cameras cannot detect. Besides the darkness, the dust also adds to the disturbance and poses threats. Cameras that use multiple video analytics can detect motion and images even when the place is dusty. These cameras also work well in foggy conditions and can tolerate extreme temperatures. 

➢ Managing the Mining Accident Risks

In most mining industries, the machines used are huge, which increases the chances of accidents due to a lack of proper and clear visibility. For example, the mining shovels. These are the huge machines used for excavating soil and big rocks in huge quantities. These buckets individually weigh up to 11,000 tons with over 130 cubic meters capacity. These trucks can even weigh over 550 tonnes after loading and are over 22 feet high. The speed is around 460 kmph. Hence, you can well understand the risk these trucks carry. The threat is on the million dollars worth of products as well as on the lives of the mining workers. In addition, the damage control and repairing can be enormous and take a substantial toll on the business cost. 

The onboard cameras work the best in such a rugged environment, complying with the mining safety drivers. Apart from the visual cameras, the onboard cameras also have pre-installed thermal image processing. Unfortunately, the hauled ground material creates a lack of visibility. In such obscured visual situations, these cameras work as a savior for surveillance. The body-worn cameras are also very useful in providing proof for investigations after the accident. 

➢ Increased Efficiency in Operation, Security, and Productivity

Safety is the primary need for installing these surveillance cameras in the mining industries. However, they also serve two other major areas: Mining security, and the increased efficiency of operation, thereby productivity. 

The entire process of mining consists of a lot of related activities. Any interruption will cause a havoc impact on the entire procedure. That’s why we highly recommend proactive safety precautions before any major failure or accident takes place. The conveyor belts are the best examples. Once these belts stop functioning, the entire process of soil removal and mining stops. The video surveillance cameras are extremely useful at these positions. The cameras attached at the main points on the conveyor are always linked to the load sensing belt. If there is an overload, the conveyor belt breaks down. Hence, constant monitoring is necessary, which can only be obtained with the best quality video verification. These video cameras’ audio warnings on intrusion are yet another way; the SharpEagle safety solutions promise you a highly productive business ecosystem. 

➢ Which Is the Best Place for Purchasing Cameras for Mitigating Mining Accidents?

We have seen businesses brainstorm about the best safety solutions to create the safest working ecosystem for their business. SharpEagle markets the best ATEX camera and video surveillance systems; they are the largest group of camera safety solution providers in the UAE and abroad. We at SharpEagle, work towards curating the finest solution tailored as per your business requirement. Our premium quality products are engineered with the right craftsmanship and have been battle-tested before being marketed. Our Research and Development team constantly strives to provide the best, high-tech solutions innovated to ensure your safety. 

Explosion proof PTZ camera

Our customer care executives are available on chat and call 24/7 to redress all your grievances and solve every small query. Our relationship begins with you visiting our website and continues even after you make the purchase. We assure a cent percent assistance in installation and maintenance. You will also be given a step-by-step walkthrough on exercising safety precautions at mining places. 

➢ Final Words

So, today we learned how Video Surveillance safety solution is a basic necessity of all mining industry. However, in areas with the most obscure visibility owing to dust and smoke from mining places and huge machinery, these cameras have proved to be extremely useless in mitigating accidents and substantially reducing the cost of insurance. So, when are you getting the Explosion-Protected camera and video surveillance safety solution for your business? Do let us know. Also, share all your queries related to camera safety with us, and we would be happy to assist you! 

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