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SharpEagle – A Complete Set of Safety Accessories for a Forklift

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SharpEagle – A Complete Set of Safety Accessories for a Forklift

Certain workspaces require a lot of strength and maneuvering that a human just can’t offer. This is when big machinery comes to aid! These gigantic mechanisms are used in activities like building, clearing out, transporting, etc. With their help, workers can finish their tasks in practically no time.

One such immensely helpful machinery is the forklift. Used for transportation of goods among other uses, the forklift offers a lot. However, this industrially-powered truck requires immense effort. That means someone needs to operate the machine from inside. It is used in a variety of facilities, most commonly in dockyards, recycling spaces, warehouses, and construction sites. The forklift is a highly effective gadget from the transportation of ship parts and railway machinery to warehouse goods. However, just like any other big machinery, forklifts are also liable to cause accidents in the work areas. Keep reading to know more!

➢  Are Forklifts Dangerous?

As we discussed, forklifts are large handy devices in an appropriate environment. However, just like any other machine, it can cause accidents. While one needs to be very careful when operating a forklift, catastrophes can still occur. It happens due to negligence, ignorance, or just some plain old bad luck. 

Forklifts are usually safe machines. Yet, accidents do happen. From maneuvering technicalities to load-bearing stability issues, one can face many problems. The biggest potential hazard that can cause untold destruction is a blind spot. Blind spots are those places that an operator cannot see when using the machine. When carrying a load, the front and the rear end are the blind spots for a forklift. Such spots can create a sense of blindness for the driver, as the name suggests. Operators have to carry out tasks in the figurative dark when it comes to these areas. So how can you stop such accidents from occurring? 

➢  Why You Should Choose SharpEagle Forklift Safety Sets

Visibility of blind spots is perhaps the biggest challenge operators face when driving a forklift. Keeping such issues in mind, SharpEagle brings the finest complete set of safety accessories for a forklift. From speed limiters to Forklift safety lights, there is nothing SharpEangle doesn’t think out for you. In addition, the SharpEagle forklift camera system is unparalleled by any in the business. You can use any number of their forklift safety system items and ensure a much more improved and secure experience. 

➢  Types of SharpEagle Forklift Equipment

Forklift Camera System

The SharpEagle Forklift Camera System is the perfect solution for a 360-degree view operating a forklift. The system offers four cameras, a digital screen, MDVR, and complete wiring. Using it, you can cover all the blind spots and avoid many potential lawsuits. The forklift camera system offers protection to both the driver as well as any bystanders around the machine. You can operate the forklift without any worry of blocked blind spots.

forklift camera system

Fork View Camera System

SharpEagle’s forklift safety systems are the best in the business for a reason. The Fork View Camera System will testify to the thinking that goes into each SharpEagle design. The camera is fixed on a suitable spot on a forklift, allowing the operator a clearer perspective on their surroundings. A better view ensures that the operator can manoeuvre the forklift without hitting any object in front of them. As a result, the camera can greatly reduce the chances of such accidents. 

Forkview camera system

Forklift Speed Limiter

Quick-moving forklifts are one of the greatest threats to safety in a workspace. SharpEagle offers the best forklift speed limiter in the business. The mechanism allows forklifts to operate at optimal speeds without endangering others. Remember, forklifts are meant to transport goods for short distances. They are not meant for speeding. Speeding leads to skidding or upturned forklifts. The speed limiter ensures that the operator does not drift and crash into people or objects. 

Forklift speed limiter

Forklift Anti-Collision System

Any experienced operator worth their salt know that a colliding forklift leads to nothing but a disaster on any scale. With SharpEagle’s Forklift Anti-Collision System, you can put your fears to rest. Equipped with handy forklift lights, a host, an ultrasonic probe, and an LED display, ride on. The anti-collision system allows you to operate forklifts with ease. In addition, the system will alert you in case you come close to any object. This will allow you to move away rapidly.

Forklift Anti-Collision System_03

➢ Advantages of Using SharpEagle Forklift Accessories

SharpEagle offers many benefits when you use the complete set of safety accessories for a forklift. While increased safety is an undeniable part of it, there are other pros of using SharpEagle for your forklift safety measures. You can look forward to an easier time from covering blind spots, preventing liabilities, and avoiding pedestrians to increasing productivity.

➢ Nothing but the Very Best for You

There is a reason why SharpEagle is the popular choice among mega-corporations. SharpEagle takes your safety personally and provides you with nothing but the very best. The quality of its forklift safety systems offers a rich, premium experience. When you use any of their wide range of products, you know you are in for a good time. 

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