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Sharpeagle Exproof Cameras for the Marine and Maritime Industry

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Sharpeagle Exproof Cameras for the Marine and Maritime Industry

➢ Explosion-proof cameras for the offshore and maritime industry serve three fundamental purposes.

        •  Provide diversity in vision solutions
        •  Highly resistant proof to Zone -1 & 2  hazardous environment
        •  Expert consultation on increased usages and application possibilities

We will explain these points in detail and find out why Sharpeagle ex-proof cameras are the perfect security and surveillance solutions for your maritime business.

The best feature of Sharpeagle ex-proof cameras is it is perfect for every situation. Our cameras help you to see everything you need from a distance. They show blind spots and details that are unnoticeable to the naked eye. As a result of these features, you can work more productively, efficiently, and safely in dangerous areas. 

Our cameras are incredibly resistant to even the most demanding environments. The cameras are resistant to extreme temperatures, watertight, and need no maintenance. They have outstanding shock-proof and vibration resistance features. To add to this, you have the Sharpeagle quality assurance that has already won over numerous business owners.

Sharpeagle ex-proof cameras are extensively used on vessels, drilling rigs, and cranes. The cameras have excellent usage for monitoring critical processes in the marine and maritime industry.

➢ Sharp Eagle Maritime Security and Surveillance Systems

Sharpeagle is a premier security and surveillance systems provider and has robust ex-proof cameras for the marine industry. Their cameras are ATEX certified and suitable for functioning in Zone 1 and Zone 2 environments. Temperature resistance features for these cameras range from -30 degrees to +70 degrees. Moreover, they are rugged with an IP68 weatherproof rating. Image quality is fantastic, with even excellent low light performance and 3D noise reduction. Sharpeagle products are easy to install and use.

For more information on Explosion proof CCTV cameras for the marine and maritime industry Schedule a free consultation with a Surveillance Expert from Sharpeagle.

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