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SharpEagle Forklift Safety Product Suite and the Internet of Things

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SharpEagle Forklift Safety Product Suite and the Internet of Things

The Internet of things represents possibly the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and refers to billions of devices worldwide that collect and share data through the Internet. IoT merges the digital with the physical world by allowing devices to communicate intelligently without human involvement.

The IoT is still at its nascent stage and will grow exponentially year on year.

The industrial sector witnesses massive implementation of IoT devices, and one such example is how modern warehouses run with intelligent technology.

➢  Why is it imperative to use innovative technology in warehouses?

IoT technology streamlines warehouse procedures by bringing workers and forklifts together through the facility’s ERP system. Such an example is the usage of intelligent,self-driving forklifts to unload, store, pick up, and ship items in warehouse operations. Innovative forklifts help use warehouse space efficiently and save time and money by completing routine tasks quickly and reducing labor costs.

➢  How does Sharpeagle contribute to intelligent technology in warehouses?

Sharpeagle has a comprehensive Forklift Safety Solution suite that addresses the following challenges at a warehouse. 

•  Visibility challenges of operating a forklift that results in casualties to workers and equipment alike
•  Safety of workers in warehouses where forklifts run
•  More efficiency and productivity of forklift operators in warehouses through optimum usage
•  Operates forklifts in a safe and acceptable speed range, thus mitigating incidences of accidents
•  Forklift anti-collision systems enhance productivity and safety by improved visibility, increased safety, and reduced expenses.

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An innovative forklift can deliver long-lasting benefits for forklifts across a wide range of industries. An employer must educate employees about the full use of intelligent forklifts in warehouses.

➢  IoT and Certified workers will co-exist in warehouses. 

IoT will continue to evolve and transform businesses in the future. Intelligent forklifts are here to stay, and with the Sharpeagle product suite, forklift operations will be safer, more productive, and less expensive. However, human intervention is also a crucial factor here. Technicians will ensure that intelligent forklifts are operating safely and that repairs and replacements happen when needed. Even if IoT and smart forklifts will play a more significant role in times to come, there is a greater need for Certified forklift operators in warehouse operations. It is mandatory to reduce the number of injuries due to unsafe operation of equipment at the workplace. By ensuring that their workers are OSHA certified, employers can benefit from

•  Safer workplaces
•  Minor damage to life and property
•  More productivity and less time and money due to mistakes and accidents
•  Positive employee morale due to caring employer
•  Lower insurance rates

As a company, Sharpeagle promotes the employment of certified forklift operators and believes that only accredited operators can optimally use their products and bring out the best efficiencies.

So sign up with the Sharpeagle Forklift Safety Product suite for optimum forklift operation at your warehouse.
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