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Sharpeagle’s Contribution to Explosion Protection – Explosion proof cameras

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Sharpeagle’s Contribution to Explosion Protection – Explosion proof cameras

Physical hazards, health hazards, and environmental hazards rule human existence despite mighty advances in digital and electronic safety systems. Just like the air moves everywhere, so do dangers! In some situations like during travel, you are exposed to greater threats. Factories that work with toxic and flammable raw materials are fraught with risks. The deep sea, high mountains, remoteness, and mining are other instances of danger. 

Precautions take the bite out of many of these risks, but nobody and nothing is entirely safe. Workers face difficult situations all day long. Risks might be minimized with protective gear and helmets like in construction sites. Further, the Explosion proof camera and Atex-rated camera systems minimize problems with constant monitoring from a centralized control room. 

Sharp Eagle adds several layers of protection.

Since 2009, the company has improved protection at the workplace for staff and equipment with a range of high-performing cameras and other safety products. Based in Dubai with branches at several globally, they manufacture rugged cameras that tolerate the harshest conditions.

Along with the Solar Camera and Thermal Camera System, they design a sensational variety of explosion-protected cameras. 

  Explosion-Proof MINI IR Camera

Explosion proof mini IR camera•  Explosion-Proof PTZ Camera

Explosion proof PTZ camera  Explosion-Proof Zoom IR Camera

Explosion proof zoom IR camera•  Explosion-Proof Fixed Type Dome Camera

Explosion proof fixed type dome camera•  Explosion-Proof PTZ Dome Camera

Explosion proof PTZ dome camera•  Explosion-Proof Compact Color Camera

Explosion proof compact color camera - Sharpeagle

The company also manufactures elaborate Forklift Safety Systems that include the Forklift Camera System, Forklift Speed Limiter, Anti-Collision System, and Fork-view Camera. 

An eye or many eyes that assure safety

While a small dwelling may require a single CCTV, large offices and warehouses, factories and farms would require several. Such surveillance cameras like robots replace human workers who need transport and equipment, which will all turn out to be immensely costly. Workers have their weaknesses too and might doze off or even steal and spy. Can’t we trust digital equipment so much more? 

Equipped with 4G and WiFi and requiring minimal expense in setting up without cables, these cameras are truly a godsend for large organizations. Intense interest in ensuring safety at the workplace and increasing productivity resulted in such awesome creations. With over 12 years of dedicated experience and armed with a wealth of expertise, it is a one-stop solution for security camera needs. Sales and installations, services, repairs, and spare parts are available in profuse detail. Consult them regarding issues connected with safety cameras and look forward to expert solutions. 

Mega companies use the trusted safety systems.

Drilling Companies and Operators, Heavy Equipment Industries, and Warehouses remain particularly exposed to risk.  Safety and security work hand in hand and the integration of safety and security systems play an instrumental role in critical moments when everything seems lost. 

A safe work environment is a productive venue for workers and machines. Can you work all day long amidst risks? Probably not, or the quality and quantity of work suffer. An all-around all-seeing eye like the eye of God brings the confidence that things cannot go wrong because monitoring will spot the problem early enough.  

Yet, as the media reports all the time, accidents do happen. Fires break out, and buildings collapse. Reducing the extent of risk through surveillance is the least that can be done to ensure safety. Cameras require budgets and installations. Prevention is undoubtedly the best safety policy. What else can you really do except pray? 

Enhanced performance with tested solutions 

While oil and gas industries suffer greater dangers amidst the gases, fumes, and flammable materials, almost every industry requires safety and security devices. The range of Explosion-Proof cameras promotes greater flexibility with workers and budgets, keeping an expert watch at all times. Reporting and monitoring are in constant motion. 

Study the technical details carefully, along with the costs and requirements.  Among the six types of Explosion-Proof cameras, avoid choosing a single class. Instead, go for an assortment to suit a variety of locations indoors and outdoors. According to situations, the solar camera and thermal camera may also be indicated. 

Explosion protected camera and Atex rated camera minimize risks

It is hard to believe that the control room monitors work processes 24 hours, maybe in 3 shifts. Such duties continue for years without a single problem. Then suddenly, some great disaster emerges. That terrible situation avoids extensive damage simply because warnings and alerts came from the security system. 

Every safety and security system has a system of alerts through messages that can be programmed as lights, voice messages, or sound alerts like ambulance sirens. The Titanic tragedy took place because warnings were not heeded and everybody was busy at a party. 

Having become so much wiser in 2021 and learning numerous lessons from the pandemic, aren’t we so much better prepared? Install a few safety and security systems at vantage points and feel the difference. 

Elevate productivity and confidence, bliss, and goodwill with the Explosion proof camera and Atex rated camera

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