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Solar camera in construction industry – a hot trend with bright future

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Solar camera in construction industry – a hot trend with bright future

Construction cameras are widely utilized by construction companies around the world. Such wide spread use of construction cameras is perfectly justifiable as they serve as a tool to ensure maximum safety and security and at the same time help in monitoring ongoing work progress. But these electricity powered cameras become impractical when it comes to monitoring construction sites in faraway locations where there is shortage of power or no power available at all. Also, as these cameras are required to be mounted on platforms raised to a good height, it becomes labour some to plug them with wires.

This is where solar cameras come in handy. You might think that solar powered equipment s are leveraged only when there is need for power saving, but the facts are quite contrary. Solar cameras are trending in construction industry to overcome challenges encountered by electricity powered cameras. These solar cameras come in many variants such as wireless construction camera, video surveillance camera and more.

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Here are 6 reasons why construction companies must utilize solar cameras
  1. Runs without electricity

Solar cameras are integrated with solar panels. These solar panels are charged when exposed to natural sunlight and provide necessary power to run cameras without any need for electricity.

  1. Loaded with smart features

Best of these solar cameras are equipped with smart features like

  • Ability to capture high resolution colour images
  • Live video streaming over WiFi and cellular
  • Built-in digital video recording
  • High resolution automated timelapse
  1. Easy to install and move from site to site

As solar construction cameras run without electricity, they need not to be plugged with electrical wires. Further these cameras are small in size, compact and lightweight. Thus, these cameras can be simply mounted on the poles, and also can be easily dismounted when required to be moved to different site.

  1. Remote monitoring of job site productivity

Your construction site could be situated in a remote location, but still you can monitor ongoing activities from the comfort of your office; most of these solar cameras provide connectivity to access footage from a remote mobile or computer. This is not only more convenient, but saves time and cost of travelling to the site too.

  1. Detect any malicious activities

Like any other security camera, these cameras are also perfectly suitable to keep a watch, prevent theft and detect any malicious activities.

  1. Make time lapse and promotional video

Images and footage captured through video surveillance cameras can be used to make timelapse video. Such videos are ideal to assure potential investors and stakeholders about continuous progress of your project.

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