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The Role of Explosion Proof Camera in The Security Monitoring of Munitions Warehouses

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The Role of Explosion Proof Camera in The Security Monitoring of Munitions Warehouses

Warehouses and factories handling dangerous materials are considered hazardous areas. If anything goes haywire, these sensitive areas can straightaway pose a serious risk to the safety of the workplace and the workers alike.  

It eventually results in damage to lives and properties, production losses, causing severe financial strain to the organization, which could have been avoided, if necessary safety precautions were there in the first place. In munition warehouses where occupational hazards like this can result in catastrophic damage, installing security equipment like explosion-proof cameras for 24×7 monitoring becomes indispensable.

➢  The role of the special explosion-proof camera in sensitive areas like ammunition warehouses 

• Tracking the source and minimizing the damage

Explosion-proof security cameras cannot prevent accidents or control the presence of harmful inflammable gases or materials in the munition warehouses. But what they can do is track the source of the accident and try to minimize the damage as much as possible within a short period.

• Segregation and containment

These devices may not necessarily survive a major fire or explosion, but rest assured no flame or spark that originates from the device escapes the device in any condition. However, there are steel cameras with advanced explosion-proof surveillance, which may withstand some mediocre explosions.

These types of cameras are covered with an additional layer of stainless steel that enable them to prevent escaping of sparks and ignite the gases in the surrounding air.

• Complementing the gauges, meters or sensors

The combustible environments such as munition warehouses frequently use meters, gauges or sensors to monitor the concentration levels of dangerous materials and temperatures. These sensors offer substantial readings which must be carefully observed and documented regularly for record-keeping. However, in explosive facilities, monitoring this can be a huge problem as the gauge or the display unit can be out of reach.  

And sending the workers to check those sensors multiple times a day is not only risky given the combustible atmosphere, but also time-consuming and costly to the management, as the workers will need proper supporting equipment such as tethers, explosion-proof lights and hazard suits.

So, explosion-proof or flameproof cameras can be the perfect solution to withstand such challenges. The camera system can be placed in such a way that it focuses the display unit or sensors for getting consistent readings remotely.

• Surveillance

Large warehouses such as munition generally store huge amounts of production or processing materials. Having an eagle’s eye over these investments such as armaments, weapons or other military equipment should keep the business interest in the place. Using a set of explosion-proof security cameras around the site can help the security management to properly monitor the surroundings for any abnormality or mischief. Through these cameras, audible warnings can be sent from time to time to keep things in check.

Moreover, with the 24×7 surveillance system, the workers can quickly respond to dangerous situations which may avert major mishaps on the premises. Additionally, documenting these events will also allow businesses to keep accurate records of activities on the site.

• Keeping the confined spaces safe

In highly inflammable locations such as munition warehouses, accidents tend to happen in isolated units lacking supporting infrastructures such as outdoor towers and pipelines. In other situations where unreachable areas such as tight tunnels, manway openings, sewers or waste storage compartments and underground sites, can only accommodate one or two operators. 

So, deploying a separate team or implementing a buddy system for increasing safety in these areas is not a practical decision. On the other hand, if you install portable cameras in these confined spaces, it will double the safety as activities in the surrounding area can be safely monitored through a remote location.

• Keeping the warehouse safe in low-light condition

Not all the areas in places such as a munition warehouse get adequate light needed for keeping a keen eye on all activities happening. The best way to overcome the low-lighting conditions where there are higher chances of theft or mischief, an explosion-proof camera equipped with an infrared lamp can do the job.

As soon as there is a lack of visible light, the infrared lamp will automatically turn on and start capturing video footage.  

➢ Get the explosion-proof cameras designed for challenging conditions

SharpeEagle has an array of explosion-proof surveillance systems, including ATEX Camera, fixed type Dome Camera, PTZ Camera and PTZ Dome Camera. All the products come with anti-corrosion capability, end-to-end video data encryption, HD video recording and up to 36x optical zoom. These cameras are ideally compatible with highly-sensitive industries such as those dealing with munition storage and management.

These cameras are easy to install with a variety of mounting options. The 360-degree rotation, stainless steel casing and bulletproof capability give them an edge over other products in the league. These products are compact, considerably lighter and highly reliable. 

These products are weather-proof and come with night-vision capability, as well as a wiper for cleaning the lens. There are several manufacturers of explosion-proof cameras, but SharpEagle is one of the few who roll out its products after thorough testing and ensure they are ATEX certified.

Every organization wants to make its site sound and secure, and there is no better option than placing CCTV cameras. With the help of precise monitoring, it is possible to assess the mischiefs or mishaps occurring on the site and increase efficiency in the workplace. As a result, the business flourishes and operates in full swing as the cost of maintenance can be drastically reduced.

So, are you planning to cover potentially hazardous areas by deploying an explosion-proof camera system? 

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