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Top 3 Explosion proof camera solution providers in UAE

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Top 3 Explosion proof camera solution providers in UAE

Industries need to adopt different kinds of security measures to keep their businesses safe and sound from unexpected circumstances. CCTV cameras have been the forerunner in providing security in industrial setup for the past couple of decades and continue to evolve with time. One of the major innovations in the field of security cameras is the explosion-protected camera. The device has a multitude of benefits, such as preventing potential risks of accidents, theft, and other crimes.

The explosion-proof cameras have become the primary weapon of defense and have been garnering immense popularity among start-ups and small & medium industrial organizations. There are many companies in the UAE that are selling these kinds of products, but only a few are providing ATEX-rated cameras.

When choosing security camera solutions, it is important to select the right service provider who offers quality equipment that is flexible, as well as, comes with cutting-edge technology.

Top three companies in UAE provide explosion-proof camera solutions which are trusted and reliable.


Hikvision is a renowned name in the field of IoT service providers, with high-definition security cameras being its core competency. The reason behind this brand’s immense popularity is the use of superior technology in each product, which makes them unique in their respective segments. The China-based video surveillance system supplier has now spread its product line-up across the globe, with 66 subsidiaries and branches in different parts of the world, including the UAE. The products of Hikvision are sold in over 150 countries.

The motto of the company is to make unrivaled products; therefore, they invest about 10 percent of the annual sales revenue in r&d to keep evolving in the field of technology and innovation. The brand offers customized solutions for diverse applications. It sells a variety of explosion-proof surveillance cameras right from PTZ to network and Turbo HD cameras that reduce risk and increase efficiency in industries and warehouses.

SharpEagle – Top explosion-proof surveillance system provider

SharpEagle is also one of the best-recognized brands in the UAE, known for providing industrial surveillance systems. The company has a presence in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, and Australia, whereas the products and solutions have also been implemented in countries like Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Chad, Kenya, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea. The company believes in enhancing safety and security to facilitate a fail-safe working atmosphere and minimize losses.

One of the core strengths of SharpEagle is in providing surveillance systems like explosion-proof cameras. These devices have been tried and tested to work perfectly in the hazardous working environment and are very practical in averting fire-related accidents, thefts, mischiefs and other such incidents to create a secure working environment. These cameras are even better equipped to tackle industries, such as wood manufacturing and grain storage.

The CCTV camera provider in UAE has been offering solutions like Explosion-proof mini-IR camera, Explosion-proof PTZ camera, Explosion-proof fixed type dome camera, Explosion-proof Zoom IR camera and Explosion-proof PTZ dome camera. Ideal for boosting occupational safety, these camera makes working environments risk-free with their solid build quality, cutting-edge technology, and rich features.

The explosion-proof cameras are created with a robust frame giving them an edge over other such devices. They are well-equipped to work in extreme weather conditions and let the safety management keep a consistent check of production and manufacturing.

The cameras are easy to install in the existing infrastructure and can be smoothly operated via computer or a smartphone device. The 24×7 monitoring capability makes them crucial in noticing any potential dangers and preventing them further by analysing the video feeds. The superior image quality is another aspect that makes them a tempting product in their category, as super-sharp images help in making an informed decision. The colour fidelity and high-frame rates, motorized optical zoom, night vision, autofocus and exceptional light sensitivity are some of the features that make an explosion-proof camera an absolute beast.

The increased safety is guaranteed via intelligent features, including video motion detection, active tampering alarm, cross-line detection, combined with video analytics to help figure out the exact cause of the incident and respond automatically. Such things also help in training the employees and ensure maximum safety in future.


Honeywell is yet another well-known multinational security camera provider based in North Carolina, US, which provides security products for industries in the UAE. The Fortune 100 company has a global workforce of over 1 lakh spread in 70 countries. The firm is keen on solving some of the most difficult challenges industries face, and one of them is warehouse safety.


The brand provides a range of video surveillance systems, including the explosion-proof camera designed for use in challenging environments, and ensuring that organizations meet all the existing and future security needs with complete confidence.

The security surveillance solutions from Honeywell range from IP and analogues cameras to digital and network video recorders, powered by video analytics and video management systems. With the legacy of introducing unique and advanced cameras in the market with rich features, the products are befitting for all kinds of working environments.

The explosion-proof network cameras are ATEX/IECEx-certified and come with stainless steel housing, preventing sparks from escaping and igniting gases or other inflammable materials in the surrounding air. The ultra-low-light performance and certified temperature for hazardous areas and IP66/IP68 weatherproof rating, make them unbeatable.


To sum up, the health and safety of workers in industries have been at a huge risk. Until and unless appropriate safety solutions are incorporated in the infrastructure to thwart accidents and menace, there will always be a threat to not only to lives but also businesses to a large extent. So, the best way is to bank on the revolutionary technology with Explosion-proof cameras and make lives and assets safer.

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