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Top 3 Forklift Camera Providers in Saudi Arabia

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Top 3 Forklift Camera Providers in Saudi Arabia

In industries where forklifts or fork trucks are employed, the operators have to put and retrieve a lot of goods placed on the high racks. This becomes quite challenging for the operators to pinpoint the exact item without stretching their neck or viewing angle. Failing to do this precisely can result in slipping of loads, injuries and even tilting of the vehicle.

A forklift camera system is an excellent add-on that can ease the work of operators in accurately placing and fetching goods from highly placed storage racks. These cameras are mounted onto the forks for a better view of the pallet, the position of the fork, as well as, the surrounding area.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest oil production hub in the world. And it goes without any say that millions of barrels are loaded, stacked and retrieved daily in hundreds of oil companies. Besides, there are thousands of manufacturing and commercial industries in the country that have hazardous areas demanding high-tech safety equipment to avoid losses to the businesses.

So, it’s obvious, that there is an increasing demand for sophisticated devices such as fork view cameras in the industries located there. Here we will know about the top three forklift camera providers in Saudi Arabia based on their products, price range, reviews and post-sale customer service.

Top three forklift camera providers in Saudi Arabia

1. SharpEagle – Top Forklift Camera Company In Saudi Arabia

Last but not least is the SharpEagle, one of the highest-ranked and internationally acclaimed safety solution providers. The company, which is a part of the Studio52 group, has been in the business for so many years, with Saudi Arabia being the key market for industrial safety solutions. With the business extended in Asia, Africa Middle East and Australia, the core strength of SharpEagle is to provide safety solutions such as Forklift camera & sensor systems and Fixed Camera systems.

Apart from providing safety solutions to various industries, the company has partnered with several renowned heavy equipment rental companies, drilling contractors and operators across the world. Forklift cameras have been high in demand as commercial activities are growing in the world at a rapid pace, especially the e-commerce companies, which require large warehouses to store and stack their products and fetch them on time.

With SharpEagle’s innovative fork view camera, the truck operator gets a clear picture of the items placed around, especially at heights where it is always difficult to place and retrieve loads. The entire camera package consists of a high-quality camera, a monitor for visual feeds and a dynamic cable. The camera system is IP69k dust, water and shockproof and can endure hot and cold temperatures (-20°C to +70°C). Moreover, the front protection glass cover is also water and dust repellent, which saves it from damage from external elements.

Easy to install, the fork view camera from SharpEagle can help optimize the productivity level by offering a clearer view of sight, eliminating any chances of blind-spot. It assists the fork truck driver in the safe transportation, placement of products and materials and reducing losses caused by product damage.

2. Orlaco

Orlaco is one of the leading companies providing high-quality surveillance systems in Saudi Arabia. A part of Stoneridge Inc. since 2017, the market leader in producing quality electrical components and modules for the automotive sector, Orlaco has been manufacturing highly engineered products for commercial and industrial sectors. Stoneridge’s business is spread in 27 locations across 12 countries, and it currently employs over 4100 people worldwide.


Since Orlaco is known for producing high-quality camera systems, fork view camera is one such product that is being used in a variety of industries. The forklift cameras are made to withstand extreme environments such as drilling platforms and cold storage warehouses.

These robust cameras are built to provide the needed reach to the forklift driver to have an accurate view of the fork. The forklift cameras manufactured by Orlaco creates an ergonomic environment and increase efficiency and safety in the warehouse. 

3. Liftow

Liftow is another renowned high-tech forklift camera provider in the Saudi Arabia region. The Canadian-based company has a global footprint, with Saudi Arabia being one of the key markets. The company manufactures products for material handling, especially in the most demanding conditions such as cold storage or confined warehouses. The fork view cameras from Liftow are reinforced with metal casing and are IP67 rated, which prevents damage from dust and water.


The camera comes with a long-lasting battery and can be installed easily in a few minutes. The camera system provides direct visibility and helps the driver avert common causes of accidents related to poor viewing angles during forklift operation.

The fork view camera improves ergonomics by allowing the driver to see through the monitor, and adapt to a natural viewing angle and prevent neck and shoulder strain. Apart from improved ergonomics, the driver, with the help of the camera system attached to the forklift, will be able to work faster than against a forklift without a camera. So, over time, the camera system pays for itself by saving time and increasing productivity.


Lately, industries around the world are becoming enlightened on the safety issues in their warehouses and factories. Time and again, technology has helped businesses to not only flourish but also prevent fatalities and damage to assets. Global brands like SharpEagle have been providing the best safety solutions after thoroughly testing their products and bringing them to the table for the end-user.

So, if you own a large warehouse having several forklifts, and want to improve visibility, avoid delay and increase productivity, the only solution is to install a fork view camera. Within a short time, you will see how you are reducing the hefty bill of the insurance premium and making your business bloom.

Moreover, the brand ensures you get quick installation, easy guide as well as timely customer support post-sales. If you want to know more, drop us a message.

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