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Top 5 Devices that are absolutely necessary for forklift safety

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Top 5 Devices that are absolutely necessary for forklift safety

Forklifts are an absolute necessity when it comes to large material handling operations. But this essential job comes with many caveats, and one of these is the danger it can pose to employees in the factory or the warehouse. These heavy machines can create a lot of trouble for the people and other vehicles in the surrounding area, leading to fatalities. 

However, if some add-on safety features are attached to these forklifts, the management can implement an all-around safety in the warehouse and help the business avoid losses due to accidents and injuries on site. So, here we will know about important forklift safety solutions that can prevent fatal encounters with pedestrians and other vehicles.

1. Camera system

Since the advent of the 21st century, the use of a camera as a security monitoring tool has become a primary requirement. The Forklift camera system is an ideal solution to increase warehouse safety. The camera system is available in different models, some are explosion proofs, while some are standard, with either complete wiring or wireless versions. But irrespective of the model you choose, you will get an LCD monitor, a camera and the capability of working in extreme temperatures.

Forklift camera

Then there are special cameras that are an excellent option for ensuring accurate placing and fetching of goods from heights. While some cameras such as explosion-proof devices, come with a 360-degree viewing and an inbuilt blind monitoring system, some others like wireless cameras are loaded with night vision, automatic backlighting & light control, wireless display, and reverse gear activated screen.  

2. Anti-collision system

Forklift operators cannot afford the luxury of making a mistake. They need multiple sets of eyes or sensors working in different directions. A Collision prevention system is electronic equipment attached to a forklift that sensors the moving of the pedestrians, material, or racks within a predefined proximity. The inbuilt sensors constantly monitor all four directions every millisecond. These devices can see and calculate what the forklift operator cannot do, optimizing the visibility.

The ultrasonic probe and the host in the anti-collision system automatically calculate the distance and render the visuals on the LED screen. If there is an imminent collision, the system sends an audio or visual alert to the driver about the impending blind zone.

3. Speed Limiters

We are living in a world of automation and robotics, and a system like Forklift speed limiters can be a very handy tool in contributing to warehouse safety. Over speeding in every sense leads to damage, and fork trucks or forklifts are no exception. The equipment is designed to limit the speeding forklift by restricting the travel speed without affecting the hydraulic lifting power.

The speed limit can be set in the system, and as soon as the driver reaches the permissible speed, the device automatically sounds an alarm to alert the pedestrian in the vicinity. The speed limiters have other benefits, such as increasing fuel efficiency and reducing wear and tear by limiting rash driving.  

4. Radar Blind Spot Detection System

A warehouse is an area of nasty surprises. Forklift drivers often have to deal with a dull view around the vehicle due to blind spots, resulting in many accidents each year. The Radar Blind Spot Detection system is an ideal industrial safety solution that warns the forklift driver of pedestrians or other fork trucks of an imminent blind spot, intersection or doorway.

Radar Blind Spot

The robust system is primarily used in areas of loading and unloading, poor visibility and high forklift traffic. The system is armed with radar sensors, a display unit, multiple detection modes and a multi-zone warning system and is capable of working efficiently in extreme temperatures.

5. Safety Lights

Not every system is perfect, often you have to combine a variety of devices to form a complete safety net. Unlike audio warning systems that can mix with the ambient noise in the warehouse or are entirely tuned out over time, the Forklift safety lights are capable of projecting different bright visible light patterns on the floor. As a result, it increases productivity and efficiency in various industrial settings.

forklift safety light system 1

There are a variety of safety lights with a range of patterns serving different purposes. One of them is laser-guided light that is loaded with laser beam projection, indicating the exact fork position. With a laser wavelength of up to 650mm, the laser light encourages precise loading and unloading and helps prevent shelf damage.

Another incredible piece of safety device is the Red Danger Light or red zone danger area warning light that prevents foot injury to the workers from the rear end swing of the forklift. The device creates a red bright line on the surface known as NO GO ZONE or HALO ZONE near the forklift, sending a clear warning to the pedestrians, not to enter that area. One red safety light is required for each side of the forklift.

The Blue Spotlight, on the other hand, can be attached to alert the workers or other forklifts approaching the blind spots and exiting semi-trailers. It projects a beam on the ground at a certain distance to warn the foot-traveler. The blue arrow light works on the same pattern creating a visual blue mark warning the pedestrians, especially those behind reversing forklifts.
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As a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or factory manager, you want to keep every person safe and keep your product write-offs as low as possible. SharpEagle lets you explore and implement various forklift safety solutions in your industrial setup.

We have a range of such safety tools that will keep your facility up and running as efficiently as possible. Reach us today via phone, email, or comment below.

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