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Top features of an Ex-Proof PTZ camera

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Top features of an Ex-Proof PTZ camera

Just as technology has entered every domain of life and business, it has added ease and accuracy in every task. The need for security existed for humans even nothing was based on technology. Even in those times, the human mind devised some ways to maintain security and surveillance. Now is the era of extreme sophistication. You can see hundreds of options from night vision security cameras to explosion-proof PTZ camerasAlthough household use of security cameras is also on the rise, yet these explosion-proof cameras are particularly the need for commercial units. 

PTZ?? Confused??

For all those readers who are new in this domain, let us introduce you to these cameras with the very basics first. PTZ depicts the abbreviation of the forpan–tilt–zoom camera; it is the category of the camera that can be controlled with a remote in various directions and zoom focus.

PTZ cameras became popular in the television industry. These cameras were being used in television production. PTZ controls are applied in combination with professional video cameras in the recording studios, mega-events like the Olympics, and other spaces. You may also come across the term robos as these cameras are also referred to as robotic cameras. These PTZ camera systems are controlled remotely as these are supported by automation systems. The PTZ controls are being sold both along with the camera, as well as separately. In combination, the most popular ones are the ex-proof PTZ camera

Now, what is ex-proof??

The camera industry is vast, and it can give you a customized and sophisticated solution as per your demand. Ex-proof cameras are one such example. If you are not familiar, these are the explosion-proof cameras. These cameras are particularly used in the drilling industry for drill floor monitoring in the marine industry and the mining industry. The explosion-proof cameras are used against inflammable gas, so every kind of workplace where chances of the inflammable gas explosion are higher explosion-proof PTZ camera is a must. 

The combination of ex-proof and PTZ

The ex-proof PTZ camera is not only bulletproof; it is also weather-proof and comes with night-vision. These cameras are the best combination of both utilities that are titling and explosion protection. These kinds of cameras come with an automatic wiper for cleaning the camera lens. It increases the utility of cameras in industries like mining and marine, where dust and water can frequently damage ordinary cameras’ lenses. 

These cameras are widely in demand in commercial hubs like Dubai, as excessive commercial and business activities are going on throughout the year. You can search for ex-proof PTZ camera Dubai and get hundreds of options. But only a reliable and technology-based company can make up the solution for you. 

What it entails?

The explosion-proof PTZ camera goes through rigorous testing so that 360* rotation 24 hours a day working is ensured. Usually, these cameras give an option of choosing the IR capability, which can be selected as per demand. 

These cameras are designed for hazardous environments, so they provide effective and perfect video surveillance. The process control, especially in dangerous locations such as gas, oil, and chemical facilities is crucial.

Following are the basic highlights you must know for these cameras:

  • The ex-Proof camera has a label of enclosure “d.” It represents the prevention of any explosion transmission in which the direction is from inside to outside. 
  • If Ex-Proof Camera has a rating of IP 66, it can be easily installed in any kind of dusty environments.
  • The design of these cameras is lightweight and compact. Hence, they are specifically y well suited for offshore areas and related applications where space is a major consideration.
  • The Explosion-Proof Cameras usually come up with user-friendly installation. It is mostly a “plug and “play installation.
  • The best Explosion-Proof camera is the one that arrives ready to use, hence not needing any kind of complex electrical connections, therefore saving any kind of extra installation and wiring costs.
  • The ex-proof PTZ camera is usually offered both in optical zoom as well as in fixed options.
  • A Cost-effective Explosion-Proof Camera is the one that meets the customized installation need, provides maximum performance, and hence gives you excellent value for your investment.

Highlighting features for an effective explosion-proof PTZ camera:

  • PTZ camera provides excellent Image Quality
  • 960p, 5 million 1/3″ progressive scan CMOS.
  • Most effective cameras provide the Image Resolution of 25-30Fps
  • A highly sophisticated camera will be the one which has Signal to Noise Ratio >52db
  • Look for a camera with 12x Digital Zoom 
  • The PTZ camera supports the serial port RS 422/485 
  • It usually comes with a Built-in POE module, Fixed Web Server, and also sustains IE browse videos.
  • 360°horizontal rotation, -90°~+90°vertical
  • The most sophisticated PTZ cameras come with Omni bearing monitor for targeting suspicious objects
  • If you are looking for Video Compression look for the label H.265/H.264/MJPEG
  • The general features of image settings that you must look for PTZ camera include the color, compression, brightness, sharpness, white balance, exposure zones, exposure control, and backlight compensation.
  • The WDR details of the camera tell about the dynamic contrast of the camera and fine-tuning of image behavior specifically at rotation, low light, image, and text overlay and night/day shift level
  • Other miscellaneous features you may look for are the casing and particular operating conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and dust, storage conditions, dimensions, weight, and included accessories in the pack. 

In commercially busy parts of the world like Dubai, these cameras are trending more and more. You can also search for ex-proof PTZ camera Dubaiand hundreds of options will come on your screen. It is because Dubai has become the center of attraction for all kinds of industries and business ventures. We have guided you about the basics as well as the advanced features which these cameras must entail—hence making your purchase decision easier and practical. You can make the best decision when you consider it as a long term investment. Invest in a good camera and make your surrounding secure and profitable. 

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