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Top rated Explosion proof camera companies in Muscut, Oman

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Top rated Explosion proof camera companies in Muscut, Oman

The largest storehouse of Natural gas along the Persian Gulf and the home to the second-largest oil reserve, Oman has much emerging Oil, Gas, and Energy industries that yield revenue in millions, serving a global market. These sectors work in an extremely rugged and harsh environment with highly combustible and explosive particles in the air, added with huge temperature fluctuations and high pressure. 

Oman is also home to the biggest offshore oil marketing hub globally. There are millions of barrels loaded and dispatched daily at this station. This is also a contributing factor to the ever-increasing number of energy, oil, and gas industries across Oman. 

These industries, along with the construction, chemical, and aviation sectors, have often undergone huge accidents and damages, causing a loss in millions, with even fatal injuries and deaths at the warehouse. These explosion-prone, highly rugged, and hazardous areas demand full-proof ex-proof solutions at a pocket-friendly range. The best key to safety at such warehouses is a top-notch surveillance facility. 

In 2021, we see the demand for high-end surveillance more than ever. The Allied Market Research case study suggests that within the next ten months, the market across the world will record a US$8.2 billion worth of demand for explosion-proof cameras for surveillance. 

➢ Importance of Ex-Proof Surveillance Cameras in Hazardous and Rugged Environment

The most vital benefits of installing the right safety surveillance devices at your business are as follows:

• The most important tool in saving all the business assets and materials. You can well observe and analyze elements that might cause disasters.
• It can save the lives of workers and prevent fatal accidents.
• Can save from losses in millions and also reduce the substantial cost of insurance.
• Ex-proof cameras can withstand chemical particles, salt, and humidity. Hence, they are the best for harsh area surveillance. 

➢ ATEX Certification

ATEX, a European body, provides certificates of approval to electronic devices that are made observing proper standardization so that the robust build can work seamlessly in extreme working conditions. Every ATEX Camera comes with an ATEX seal that denotes that those devices can work well in dangerous weather conditions and have a non-combustible nature. 


➢ The Top 4 Oman Based Companies for Hire for Ex-Proof Safety Solutions

In today’s blog, we will share the best four companies of Oman that will give you all ATEX certified devices at pocket-friendly ranges and help you create a safe working environment for your business. After extensive research, we have created this list and ranked these companies based on their products, price range, and post-sale customer service. Stay tuned!

1. SharpEagle – Best Explosion-proof camera system provider in Oman

SharpEagle is the number one ex-proof safety solution provider in Oman, extending its services with ATEX-certified products globally. Within a span of a few years, it has climbed to number 1 for its highly efficient customer care executive team and pocket-friendly price range of its products. 


This company falls under Studio 52 and was started to help the Energy, Oil, and Gas industrial sectors with high-tech CCTV surveillance solutions. SharpEagle has extended its top-notch services to big brands globally, including Kuwait, Chad, Papua New Guinea, Oman, Oman, Egypt, Australia, Algeria, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

In addition, the high-end standards for hazardous area camera surveillance are maintained. So, you can trust this #1 brand with closed eyes and open hearts when it comes to protecting your workspace and the lives of the most valuable assets of your business. 

2. Axis Communications

Axis Communications, a Swedish brand, is quite popular for manufacturing superb quality IP network security cameras. They were the first ones to bring HDTV security cameras to market during 1984. Since then, they have never compromised on the quality of their products. 

AXIS communications

The team has worked hard to improve the camera quality to offer the best protection to the customers. Axis Communications is spread in more than 50 countries worldwide, and the team has over 3,800 employees. They have also received immense love from their past customers, making them more reliable than ever!

3. Hikvision

Hikvision is a name that almost everyone knows when it comes to high-definition security cameras. This is because they use superior technology in their products to stand out in the market. Hikvision is a developer based in China, but now their brand is popular all over the globe. The company has around 66 offices in various parts of the world. 

Hikvision believes in innovation like no other brand. Hence, they invest around 10% of their revenue in the research and development sectors for the continuous growth of technology. So when you choose Hikvision, you get to enjoy the latest features for perfect protection!

4. Honeywell

Honeywell is a renowned brand that manufactures several protective devices for warehouses in the UAE. Their products are durable and come with great usability. If you want high-resolution footage quality, then Honeywell cameras won’t disappoint you.


Final Thoughts

These were the four best ex-proof and zone 1 camera companies in Oman. These companies have the best quality product, affordable price range, and efficient post-sales services. 

SharpEagle has been a pioneer in the safety solution providing sector ever since its launch. Share with us the kind of unique problems your business needs a solution to, and SharpEagle will get back to you with a no-obligation suggestion. 

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