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Video Surveillance Tips for Construction Project Managers

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Video Surveillance Tips for Construction Project Managers

Every construction project needs to be conducted under the proper monitoring of an authorized person. A construction site involves lots of areas of challenges, and these are to be monitored properly by the managers of the projects. To support the managers and make their work easy, it is necessary to install video surveillance cameras to monitor if there is any theft or vandalism. 


Reasons to install security cameras

The prime object of installing a video surveillance camera is to notice the incidents that happen at the construction site all through the day. These cameras are installed at prime locations so that the entire area can be monitored thoroughly. 

A construction site can face lots of challenges. If protective measures are not taken, these challenges can raise serious issues at the site. 

– Implementation of security cameras can enhance the safety and security of the workers on the site.
– Installation of an advanced security system can detect material theft and vandalism if any.
– It becomes easier to identify the trespassers inside the construction site. 


video surveillance system


Top benefits of installation of surveillance cameras 

The prime aim is the installation of a video surveillance camera at the construction site to enhance the security level. A genuine security system reduces the occurrence of material theft. And helps the managers to keep track of the active job site. 

Here take a look at the top benefits of the installation of Explosion-proof camera for Hazardous areas.

  • Protection for material:- A construction company uses various types of material at the construction site. Hence it is necessary to take care of these valuable materials. Appointing guards for 24 hours is a good option, but the installation of surveillance cameras will make the work easy also. Apart from the material, other types of tools, equipment, and types of machinery are used at the construction site. With the help of surveillance, it becomes easy for the manager to track pieces of machinery too.
  • Reduce insurance cost:- Many insurance companies offer lower premiums to construction companies if they maintain a proper surveillance system at the site. Hence installation of security cameras can reduce the cost of insurance premiums for a construction company.
  • Improvement in safety measures:– No doubt, construction sites are comprised of lots of safety hazards, and this can cause accidents to the workers. Here needs proper monitoring of the active workplace so that if any accident occurs, one can take immediate actions. Installation of security cameras is a great way to enhance the worker’s security. Hence implementation of security cameras can reduce the risk of accidents among the workers.
  • Protection against liabilities:– Many times, companies need to bear the medical expenses if any worker gets injured at the site. Sometimes these cases can also reach lawsuits. The presence of surveillance cameras will not only save the life of the workers, but also it will keep the company away from unnecessary lawsuits.
  • Remote monitoring:– These surveillance cameras can get operated from a remote place. Hence, if the managers are not at that particular site, they can monitor the workplace from remote via mobile or laptop.
  • Enhanced productivity:– Once workers feel that they are monitored via surveillance cameras, and their life is safe, they will work with dedication. This will automatically enhance the level of productivity of the company. The project will get completed within the scheduled time. 


Modern technologies for video surveillance 

Video surveillance technology comes in various forms. Different types of cameras are available in the market, and here, you need to check the best one for your construction site. Besides, selecting the best security, it is also necessary to select the proper place where the cameras are to be installed. Proper placement of cameras is essential to record the footage correctly. Let’s check the type of cameras that suit best for the construction site. 

PTZ Camera;- If you are looking for Explosion proof digital cameras, these will be the best choice. PTZ cameras are one of the most popular cameras that are used for surveillance. This camera comes with a feature to rotate 360 degrees, and it can cover a wide range of areas. Hence this camera is the best for a construction site. Moreover, this camera comes with the features like night vision mode, weatherproof, various alarms, tamper-resistant, and autofocus.

Sharpeagle explosion proof PTZ camera

Box camera:- A construction site always needs a camera that can operate at the outdoor place for a long time. Here is the box security camera, which comes with the facility of customization of lenses. It possesses the feature of ultra-high resolution and a new image sensor processor. This camera is adjustable and can take images from any angle. 

SharpEagle Explosion-proof Mini IR Camera

Dome camera:– A construction site will have storage, and proper security measures are required to be taken for correct safety measures of these cameras. The dome camera is made perfect for a warehouse. The compact size of a dome camera enables you to monitor the materials at your storage. 

Sharpeagle Explosion proof PTZ dome camera

Day and night camera:– This type of camera can also be a good choice for a construction site. This camera is effective for both indoor and outdoor sites. This camera is facilitated with the infrared emission feature, and hence the end-user can view the images in total darkness.

SharpEalge Explosion-proof zoom IR Camera  

Areas that managers at a construction site need to check

How to protect cameras from the weather?

At the construction site, we need to use suitable outdoor cameras. Generally, outdoor cameras come with features that protect the cameras from dust, water, or extreme sunlight. But if you want to know more about how to take care of these cameras? You need to contact an expert for more details. 

Are wireless cameras good for a construction site?

Well, many ask whether they can use wireless surveillance cameras at the construction site or not. If the construction site does not come with enough wiring support, installing a wireless camera can be a good option. These cameras can install with the help of NVRs without using a cable. 

Where to install security cameras?

You can use IP cameras for the construction sites as these cameras get installed on the ceilings and walls. If there is no wall to install the cameras, hang the cameras on a poll to monitor the site. 

Selecting the right company for cameras

The managers at the construction site require to research well before selecting the company to buy a surveillance camera. They need to check the experience and feedback of the company before finalizing a deal. Other areas where the manager also needs to pay attention are mentioned below. 

  1. It is necessary to check how long the team of surveillance cameras will offer their service. It is also essential to check whether the technicians are available on call or not. 
  2. The managers also need to check the years of experience of the technicians. He can also ask the technicians about their experience and knowledge concerning various security cameras. 
  3. The manager at the construction site also needs to understand whether the technicians can offer expert service or not. 

Hence those are the above areas that managers of a construction site need to check before installing a surveillance camera on the forklift. 

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