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What are Sharpeagle’s Explosion proof camera series?

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What are Sharpeagle’s Explosion proof camera series?

SharpEagle has made available various types of Explosion Proof cameras. All these are available with advanced technologies. Explosion proof cameras can widely be used in a hazardous atmosphere. So, let us check the types of Explosion Proof cameras presented by SharpEagle and relevant features.

Explosion Proof Mini IR Camera

Among the top Explosion-proof CCTV systems, SharpEagle’s Explosion-proof Mini IR camera is considered the most effective one. This camera comes with ATEX certification and these are the smallest ones. 

Explosion proof mini IR camera - Sharpeagle

➢ Primary Design

It comes with the housing mode of 304 / 316L stainless steel
These cameras are certified to use in Zone 1, Zone 2, and any other type of hazardous conditions, including gas and dust.
The range of temperature where this camera works the best is -30°C to +70°C
It is enabled with IP68 waterproofing technology.

➢ Image quality

Available with 1080p and 5 million 1/2.5” progressive CMOS
It can take day and night various color images with crystal clear quality
Available with 3D noise reduction.

➢ Other key features

Easy to install and operate
The camera comes with a wide range of mounting options
Supports Wi-Fi and 3G function
It supports ONVIF protocol

Explosion Proof PTZ Camera

The next reliable Ex Proof surveillance system offered by SharpEagle is Explosion Proof PTZ Cameras. These cameras are famous for their vigorous design and in-built protective measures.  Explosion Proof PTZ Cameras are in demand for excellence in top-ranked surveillance. 

Explosion proof PTZ camera - Sharpeagle

➢ Primary design

•  The body of this camera is made with 304 / 316L stainless steel
•  These are also permitted for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, and other hazardous environments.
•  IP68 Weatherproof rating has made it more advanced. 

➢ Image quality

PTZ cameras come with a 960p feature
It is facilitated with 5 million 1/3” progressive scan CMOS
The image resolution varies between 25-30Fps
The Signal to Noise Ratio is less than 52dB that is remarkable
It comes with a 12x digital zooming facility.

➢ Other key feature

It needs a power supply of AC 220V, DC 12V.
It is easy to install and operate
It meets the criteria for onshore and offshore video surveillance and heavy industrial milieu.
It works smoothly with 360-degree horizontal rotation

Explosion Proof Zoom IR Camera

This Atex-certified camera is made for video surveillance in hazardous and challenging environments. Robust design and advanced safety features have upgraded these surveillance cameras. 

Explosion proof zoom IR camera - Sharpeagle

➢ Primary Design

304/316L Stainless Steel has made it robust
These are preferred for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas and also the places with inflammable gas and dust.
These cameras can work at a temperature range between -30°C to +70°C
IP68 Weatherproof feature has made this camera more powerful

➢ Image Quality

It is available with 1/2.8” Progressive Scan CMOS
It comes with 30X optical zoom and 16x digital zoom.
The minimum illumination available with Color: 0.01Lux @ (F1.6,AGC ON / B/W: 0.001Lux @ (F1.6,AGC ON)

➢ Other key features

Users find it easy to install
The power supply required for this camera is – DC12V or AC110-240V
The camera comes with an infrared lamp that turns on once proper light is absent.
The focal length is available between – 4.5mm to 135mm
It is made suitable to work in the areas like offshore, onshore, heavy industrial areas, or any dusty workplace.

Explosion-proof Fixed Type Dome Camera

Explosion Proof Fixed Type Dome cameras are technologically advanced with superior image quality and flexible surveillance solutions. Here you will find a perfect blend of essential features between traditional explosion-proof and smart dome cameras.

Explosion proof fixed type dome camera - Sharpeagle

➢ Primary Designs

The camera has been designed with 304/316L Stainless Steel. It also comes with an Electro-polished surface.
Users will find it excellent due to its lightweight, immense flexibility, and attractive presence.
Like other explosion-proof cameras, it is also made suitable to work within the areas like Zone 1, Zone 2, and hazardous areas.
It works within the range -30°C to +70°C

➢ Image quality

It is available with a maximum resolution of 1080P.
The CMOS sensor is 1/2.5“ with a 5-megapixel feature
It is available with automatic IR CUT conversion day and night,
It captures excellent pictures with rich, bright colors

➢ Other Key Features

It is easy to install
The power supply requires – DC12V.
It captures high-quality images at a visible, infrared distance between 5m-15m
Focal Length lies between -4.6mm~165mm.
The video compression feature is – H.265/H.264/MJPEG
These cameras are an idea to use in every hazardous and dusty environment. These cameras are considered best for video monitoring in offshore and onshore fields.  

Explosion Proof PTZ Dome Camera

SharpEagle is being considered as one of the top explosion-proof camera manufacturers and the company has offered an exclusive Explosion Proof PTZ Dome Camera

Explosion proof PTZ dome camera - Sharpeagle

➢ Primary Design

Made with 304/316L Stainless Steel and also facilitated with Electro-polished surface
This lightweight camera is suitable to use in Zone 1, Zone 2, and other dusty areas
These can work at a temperature between -30°C to +70°C
It is available with an IP68 weather-proof feature. 

➢ Image Quality

It comes with 5 megapixels 1/3” CMOS 3516A+ SONY 327 and Maximum Resolution is – 1920*1080@30fps
Signal to Noise Ratio is less than 50dB

➢ Other Key Features

Easy to install and operate
It needs a power supply of – DC12V
The focal length lies between – 4.6mm~165mm
Video compression is – H.265/H.264/MJPEG

Explosion Proof Compact Color Camera

If you are in search of the miniature form of explosion-proof cameras, Compact color dome cameras are the best among them. It comes with a diameter of 55 millimeters and weight is less than 436 gms.

Explosion proof compact color camera - Sharpeagle

➢ Primary design

It is made with 316L Stainless Steel.
It works well in all types of hazardous locations at a range of temperature between -30°C to +75°C

➢ Image quality

It comes with 1/3“ CCD Sensor PAL with a resolution of – 470 TVL / 580 TVL
The minimum illumination is 0.3 Lux at F1.2 5600 °K

➢ Other Key Features

It consumes 12 V DC +/- 15 %
It is easy to install and operate
Available with White balance mode ATW / AWC and range 3200 – 10000 °K

 SharpEagle brings various types of Ex Proof cameras. These come with advanced features. You can use these Explosion-proof cameras in hazardous areas.

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