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What are the Benefits of explosion proof cameras?

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What are the Benefits of explosion proof cameras?

At present, we can notice the wide use of explosion-proof cameras in various industries. No company wants to compromise with the surveillance at the workplace, and hence advanced monitoring cameras are in high demand. Today you will have enormous options for surveillance cameras, and among them, Explosion proof camera have become extremely popular. These cameras are widely being chosen for the workplace with flammable products. These cameras work excellently in hazardous workplaces. 

Different types of explosion-proof cameras and related features

It is possible to get other types of explosion-proof cameras available in the market. These are:

1. Explosion Proof Mini IR Camera:

This camera comes with IR light features. It is also available with a 36x Zoom 2 megapixel camera. These cameras are widely used in those areas where explosives are used and can produce gas. 

explosion proof mini IR camera

2. Explosion Proof PTZ Camera:

Explosion proof PTZ cameras are widely used the monitor any workplace 24×7 hours. These cameras are built heater to avoid compressions. These are made of AISI Stainless steel and hence extremely durable.

Explosion proof PTZ camera 

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3. Explosion Proof Zoom IR Camera:

These cameras are available with a tempered glass viewing window made with an integrated wiper. These cameras also come with motion detection and an integrated mask. In addition, these cameras are available with MJPEG streams for stimulations and around-the-clock monitoring.

explosion proof zoom IR camera

4. Explosion-proof Fixed Type Dome Camera

These cameras come with a video compression facility of H.265/H.264/MJPEG. These cameras are ideal for video surveillance and proper monitoring. These cameras work fine in offshore, onshore, and hazardous workplaces.  

Explosion proof fixed type dome camera

5. Explosion-Proof PTZ Dome Camera:

The cameras come with full HD resolution, and hence they can capture images crystal clear. The AISI Stainless Steel construction has made these cameras study. 

explosion proof PTZ dome camera

6. Explosion Proof Compact Color Camera:

These cameras work nicely in different types of hazardous areas that’s why they are also known as hazardous area camera. These are the miniature version of explosion-proof cameras.

explosion proof compact color camera

These cameras possess different features, and these cameras aim to deliver the best surveillance to the workplaces. 

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Pros to check of explosion-proof cameras

Every company wants to secure its work site by placing the necessary surveillance cameras. But before placing the right Explosion-proof cameras, it is essential to check the pros and cons of these explosion-proof cameras. 

Enhanced surveillance:

Industrial workplaces are the areas where heavy-duty machines are stored. Besides the huge quantity of stores and materials kept in the store, there are no proper surveillance cameras to monitor these materials. These explosion-proof cameras are the best to monitor the areas, and they can assess any abnormal situation in that area. The cameras are able to catch any mishap arising within the place. These cameras ensure around-the-clock surveillance, and hence it becomes easy for the employees at the workplace to respond to any accident or mishap quickly. This helps in minimal accidents, injuries, and damages to the equipment in that place. 

With the help of accurate surveillance, it is possible to make an unbiased assessment of the mishap. As a consequence, it helps a lot in maintaining the store and business accurately.

Adequate safety measures

Explosion-proof cameras are best known for measuring adequate safety in the workplace. These cameras ensure effective safety measures at inflammable sites. In general, high chances are there for accidents to a workplace with highly inflamed goods. Moreover, there are some spaces like sewers, tunnels, and underground areas, where only one or two operators can work, and most of the time, proper safety measures are not feasible for these areas. Portable explosion-proof cameras can do this. These cameras can easily be equipped with handles on poles and can operate over the confined areas. It ensures safety measures for those workers who are working inside those confined spaces. So, a person can monitor the task of the person who is working inside the tunnel or sewerage. It helps in minimizing accidents and injuries.

Monitoring combustible environment:-

Workplaces stored with combustible locations always use different sensors, gauges, and meters. These are used to check the concentration level of the toxic gas that is used within the workplace. In addition, sensors are used to monitor the operating temperature and water flow. Again the readings measured by these devices are also needed to be checked and documented on time. An Explosion-proof camera keeps these gauges and sensors within their views. 

Here Explosion proof digital camera plays a vital role. These cameras are considered to be one of the most viable solutions for these types of challenges. Here a single camera can monitor the different analog gauges in an area. It allows the workers to make real-time documentation of every measurement and store them in safe and remote regions. These cameras are widely used to keep track of the devices that can also be used to check on the proper settlement of sensors. 

SharpEagle’s explosion-proof cameras save people from major accidents. These are flameproof and contain advanced features and sensor operated. It alerts you from hazards. Huge commercial demand it has.

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