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What are the best outdoor Explosion proof CCTV cameras?

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What are the best outdoor Explosion proof CCTV cameras?

Video surveillance for security purposes and monitoring machinery and work procedures in industries have now become the norm. Workers, too, need to be supervised. Difficult remote locations have much to thank for advanced technology. Like a third all-seeing eye, you get to know what happens in distant places over the internet. Besides, the images are sharp and clear; some cameras work in low light conditions and even in darkness. Solar cameras harness renewable energy for a greener planet. Thermal cameras respond to heat.  Install the Explosion proof CCTV camera in sensitive areas with high temperatures, gases, and combustible materials where workers cannot help. 

Check out the following multipurpose cameras. Install the Explosion proof CCTV camera and the Outdoor ex-proof camera for the best results under challenging conditions. 

Explosion Proof PTZ Dome Camera

Good looking and lightweight despite a rugged 304/316L stainless steel build, you can efficiently operate this exquisite camera. Challenging environment monitoring has an excellent solution. 

explosion proof PTZ dome camera

An IP68 Weatherproof rating and certification for -30°C to +70°C are other attributes with 22, IIIC T100°C Group (Dust). Designed for Zones 1 and 2, polycarbonate composite aerospace material results in complex and corrosion-free textures. 

Paper and textile industries have dusty workplaces. Oil and gas industries also need such a versatile camera. Onshore or offshore, this super camera works very well. 

Explosion Proof Compact Color Camera

Do you fancy the world’s most miniature explosion-proof surveillance camera of 55mm and 436 grams? The small but immensely powerful camera withstands chemicals, extreme temperatures, and stresses like vibrations. Encased in stainless steel, EC-710-90 works in the arctic from -30C to +70C. A chemically hardened lens protects the optical system. 

explosion proof compact color camera

IP68 Water and Dust Proof, this wonder camera withstands extreme voltages like 28 V DC (500 hrs).  a Ferrite T filter protects against spikes and ripples. 

Explosion Proof Mini IR Camera

ATEX certified and approved for Zone 1 and Zone 2, this little camera has night vision and is bullet-proof. The camera thrives in bitter environments with a Stainless steel 304/316L build, water-proof, and shock-resistant. 

explosion proof mini IR camera

It is a super camera with an IP68 Weatherproof rating and capturing vibrant color images by day and lucid black-and-white images at night. The picture quality is 1080p, and 5 million 1/2.5” progressive CMOS is functioning well in low light conditions. Ease of installation and exceptional performance with minimum maintenance make it much in demand. Mounting has many options.  

Explosion Proof PTZ Camera

Specific applications like the oil and gas industry require PTZ or the pan tilt zoom facility. Don’t worry about flammable gas with this weather-proof and bulletproof camera with night vision! It is tested for 360-degree rotation for 24 hours. Get it with or without IR. Technically, the images are 960p, 5 million 1/3” progressive Scan CMOS with an image resolution of 25-30Fps. Digital zoom Digital Zoom – 12x with a wide range of mounting choices, this camera suits difficult outdoor conditions.  

Explosion proof PTZ camera

Explosion Proof Zoom IR Camera

This camera is one of the best choices for rugged design and IP68 Rated, equipped with night vision and certified ATEX and Zone 1 and Zone 2 ratings. 

explosion proof zoom IR camera

Explosion Proof Fixed Type Dome Camera

An Electro-polished surface of 304/316L Stainless Steel housing and IP68 Weatherproof rating ensures the best performance amidst harsh conditions.  

Explosion proof fixed type dome camera

All-weather cameras for the outdoors

The Outdoor ex-proof camera is essential not only around the home but in farms and the oil and gas industry. Ensure that the cameras are installed far above the ground, maybe 8-10 feet, to keep them safe from pilferage. They should not be facing the sun. A sheltered place would be fine though they are strong enough to tolerate the assaults of wind and weather. A hidden nook location is best for several reasons, like confidentiality. 

The illustrious gifts of evolving digital technology

IP (Internet Protocol) transmits Digital data streams – video, audio – through the Local Area Network (LAN). High-quality H.264 technology results in a quality video that uses less storage and bandwidth. Digital advantages are many, like remote accessibility and minor maintenance and troubleshooting. Use the recording for analytical or evidence purposes at any time anywhere. 

Explosion-proof cameras suit hazardous environments since they cannot cause explosions or fires. Robust steel frames can tolerate such events inside the casing. PTZ cameras can monitor a large field of vision with a remote pan and tilt control. High-resolution cameras with day and night functionality serve best.  No matter the varying light or fog conditions, advanced cameras do their recording and transmitting job perfectly. 

All the six cameras mentioned are winners in this complex application of security cameras. Arrange for a range of them rather than install one design, according to requirements. Explosion-proof security cameras and the Outdoor explosion proof camera have become essential equipment for the safety of property, machines, materials, and workers.

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