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What are the Best Solar Powered Security Cameras?

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What are the Best Solar Powered Security Cameras?

Solar panels have only been around since 1954. So it’s a fairly new invention and we’ve got much to explore in the field of solar energy. That being said, the solar power camera has gained a lot of popularity in today’s world. It has also improved from the past few years in its features and efficiency. From wired cameras to night vision to the solar-powered security camera 4G, they are already much better than regular cameras.

How Does a Solar Power Camera Work?

A solar power camera lives up to its name by using solar energy to generate electricity. Which, in turn, makes it work. This happens through the solar panel.

The solar panel attaches to the solar camera. When exposed to sunlight, the panel uses the sun’s energy to create a direct current (DC). An inverter in the panel turns the DC current to an alternating current (AC). This is the part of a solar camera that makes it unique and inexpensive. The AC current saves you the cost of energy losses as well as the cost of conductors. Then, the AC current generates electricity.

A solar-powered camera system is a way to go. They use everything they can get from natural resources. When they’re not exposed to the sun, they make their energy from pre-installed batteries. Solar power cameras come in many forms, sizes, and features. There are even ways you can create your solar-powered camera system!

The Benefits of Using a Solar Powered Camera System

Solar cameras are not just great for the environment. They come with many cool features that you can use to the best of your advantage. Seriously, they’re amazing. Here is a list of some great things about a solar-powered camera system:

  • They work in many locations. Whether it’s an office, a remote construction site, or at the top of a cell tower, solar cameras are super flexible in terms of location. This also allows them to deal with harsh weather conditions and environments.
  • They’re portable and have simple installation. Because of their compact size and simple body, they’re easy to transport. They can install within a matter of minutes and get working right away.
  • They’re environmentally friendly. Does this even need to be said? A solar-powered camera system is a great example of energy-efficient technology. It uses the sun’s energy and rechargeable batteries to work. To add, it does not need extra support for its installation. This means less disruption to the environment!
  • They work 24/7, day and night. Good-quality solar cameras come equipped with starlight sensors. These sensors allow for a great night time vision. They produce just as clear images as they do throughout the day.
  • They have a longer life than regular security cameras. Many companies will give you a 25-year warranty for your camera. This is great because even after 25 years, the solar camera will lose only a small percentage of its efficiency. Plus, they’re super simple to maintain for long periods of time.

Wired Vs. Wireless Solar Cameras

When we talk about solar cameras, there are generally two options. The first is the solar-powered security camera 4G. This is wireless. Next up is the wired solar camera. They both have their pros and cons, so let’s take a deeper look at them.

The solar-powered security camera 4G works without a Wi-Fi connection. It uses an LTE network to do this. This wireless option is ideal for remote locations. There are no cables or wires required for it to work. The recordings are kept on an SD card, so you can view them whenever you want. To add, the solar-powered security camera 4G comes with a PIR—or even an IR—movement sensor. This is very useful when it comes to detecting intruders at the location as it avoids a lot of false alarms. The solar-powered security camera 4G also gives real-time control for the users. Many good cameras allow you to view images in 1080p. The camera also has starlight sensors, which makes for great viewing both day and night.

Wired cameras are best used for locations that already come with a Wi-Fi connection. So if you’re looking for a solar camera for your home or office, this is probably the one you should go for. The wireless option is more prone to interference from other devices. This will not be an issue with a wired camera. The wired camera is also a lot bulkier, which makes it challenging to install. However, it’s a lot more stable and can cover larger areas of a location.

What to Consider When Buying a Solar Power Camera

Now you must be feeling confused with all this information. Truthfully, choosing the perfect model can be a hard decision. But worry not! There is a simple checklist to refer to when you’re looking to buy a solar-powered camera.

  • First off, make sure that the solar camera comes with a solar panel. Some cameras, such as the 4G camera, don’t. Buying the solar panel separately is not very costly but it’s better to buy it with the package altogether. Especially since the solar-powered security camera 4G is quite expensive itself.
  • Another point to consider is the type of battery your camera comes with. Choosing the best batteries can be a rigorous path to walk down. However, you can make this task simpler by investing in a good solar IP camera. This comes with rechargeable batteries and you don’t have to worry about their efficiency or the numbers in general.
  • Next, consider how the recordings are being saved. Some cameras use SD cards, which is a great option. Other cameras may use cloud storage. These you can get through a monthly subscription. Though most IP cameras come with free cloud storage.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, consider the environment in which you are installing a solar camera. Is the location—or its weather—challenging? Does the location have a strong Wi-Fi connection? The type of camera you buy depends heavily on the answers to these two questions. A solar-powered security camera 4G is ideal for homes and business buildings. Wireless cameras are more suitable for construction sites and rough environments.

All in all, you should consider the aforementioned—as well as other points of concern—before you buy a solar camera. Investing in a solar power camera is a huge security decision. You want to make sure that the camera model you choose fits your purposes perfectly.

Summing Up

Installing a solar-powered camera system can be very rewarding. It’s environment-friendly, efficient, and produces great images day and night. However, it is important to compare both wireless and wired cameras. It’s also important to understand every camera’s features and the level of security they provide you with. Make sure you do good research before investing in a solar power camera. Study the location. Ask the company or provider about concerns you may have about their product.

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