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What is an explosion proof camera and How it works?

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What is an explosion proof camera and How it works?

An explosion-proof camera is a certain device that has been specially built and designed for hazardous and speculative areas. It suggests that the camera is helpful in hazardous areas. It is also called Zone 1 camera because it can easily be used in the regions where combustible gases exist. These cameras are ideally suited for oil and gas companies, marine industry and heavy industrial applications along with polluted environments found in the paper and textile industry.

Explosion proof camera

Certification process

Testing and certification processes are always expected to ensure product quality. It helps the customers to make a prudent decisions. In most developed countries, electrical devices, needed in hazardous environments, should pass a tough inquiry. Different certification terminology is used in different countries.

•  The US utilizes the division system illustrated in the National Electrical Code, to categorize explosion-free electrical equipment.

•  In Canada, the Canadian Electrical Code is used whereas in other parts of the world, a zone system is mostly followed.

•  The distinct marking implies if a product has to pass the certification tests. In the US, these devices should possess a label with the name of the factory, the certificate issuer and file number, and the marking according to NEC 500-506.

•  Europe requires the CE label and the code number of the certain agency that controls the manufacturer’s quality. The labelling should also indicate the type of protection, the temperature level, the list of equipment, and the equipment protection grade.

•  European Union’s ATEX Directive is meant to keep people and buildings safe from accidental explosions. The two directives are meant both for equipment and the workplace. ATEX certification ensures that the appliance will work safely in explosive territory without provoking any disaster if used according to the manufacturer’s advice. Equipment used in the explosive atmosphere within the European Union (EU) and must be ATEX certified.

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What are the things you need to know about an Explosion-proof CCTV camera?

Sectors like chemical, gas and processing industries prefer explosion-proof cameras to avert the hazardous situation. It is very much practical that the chances of fire-related accidents in oil refineries or even gas stations are high. To ensure the security of such places, a company must need cameras that are flame-proof and hardy. Even industries such as grain storing and wood manufacturers, too, must consider obtaining safe and Explosion-proof cameras to ensure their security. They must remember that the dust form of their substances could be hazardous for the setup.

Various major manufactures offer various types of explosion-proof CCTV cameras.

•  As a careful customer first you have to know the key specifications and operating system of the certain device before buying them.

•  You must know that these types of zone 1 cameras are suitable for those areas where oil and gas play a significant role in the economy.

•  We must make a note to investigate what emerges amidst an explosion. Moreover, we need to check the components that promise to make a camera explosion-proof.

•  Lastly, we must survey about the standard of the product.

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When explosion may happen

* Explosions may happen when some elements come together. There are many kinds of fuel, energy, and oxidizer which can trigger an explosion. A setting where an oxidizer-like air comes close to flammable materials like gas or vapor is assessed as an explosive atmosphere. Any kind of energy or a slight trace of ignition can easily create a favorable atmosphere to accelerate an explosion or fire.

* This energy may come in the form of natural lightning, electromagnetic waves, radiation and surface heat etc.

Where to use explosion free cameras

The term “hazardous area” indicates such areas where the risk of an explosion is high. In such areas, explosion-proof cameras are highly recommended, That’s why they are also called hazardous area camera. On the contrary in “safe areas” normal video surveillance cameras can be used.

Sharpeagle explosion proof camera

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How explosion-proof cameras help in various ways.

Before buying any camera which can withstand explosions, one must survey their ratings and utility. You must remember some basic principles while investigating the strategy of these devices. Axis Communications interprets them as segregation prevention, and containment.

* The threat of an explosion diminishes when electric surfaces are physically separated from the explosive setting. Some methods such as encapsulation or pressurization are helpful to accomplish this. This is called segregation.

* The prevention principle helps to ensure that their thermal and electric energy persists at safe levels; always safe explosion-proof cameras must use this principle innately.

* To minimize the damages, the impact of an explosion should be restricted. When a fire breaks out after a blast, it must be restricted to a certain space and must not be permitted to propagate in other areas. The use of explosion-proof cameras is always helpful to imply such containment.

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