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What to include on a warehouse forklift safety checklist

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What to include on a warehouse forklift safety checklist

Do you have a warehouse forklift safety checklist at your worksite? Did you know one person dies every 2 weeks from a forklift-related accident? And 25% of such accidents happen because of inadequate training. All these facts and figures may sound grim but it’s reality. And it’s something we are trying to change because at SharpEagle we believe that safety is not an option, but a must! This is why we bring to you a warehouse forklift safety checklist, so you can prevent forklift-related accidents.

Let’s get to the checklist!

  1. Training

We cannot reiterate this enough. Safety training is a must for forklift operators. According to a study by OSHA, it was found that after safety training there was an improvement of 61% in their performance. It’s also worth noting that the forklift manager should be trained at least every three years if he or she has been observed to operate a lift truck in an unsafe manner or was involved in an accident. 

Train your employees properly, and observe them while they are working. Organize frequent training seminars, use safety training videos, demos, etc, to help them train properly. Focus on training about maintaining speed, distance, stability, traveling backward, raising forks, etc.


  1. Pedestrians

It’s hard to operate a forklift safely if you have to constantly dodge unexpected pedestrians.  People randomly wandering the floor of your warehouse pose both a threat to themselves and a threat to the men and women on your forklifts. In order to avoid this, you should have designated walkways and a restriction on who can be on the warehouse floor. Also, make your pedestrians visible; require reflective vests or high visibility shirts for anybody who needs to be on foot.


  1. Implement Safety Solutions

From the stats, it’s quite evident that thousands of people are injured or even killed on the job. Most of these injuries can be prevented by implementing long term safety measures at your worksite and providing safety solutions.

Blind spots present a lot of safety issues that cannot be avoided without a camera system. It occurs even when the vision is obscured because of an inappropriately installed camera. A wireless camera system comes handy in this case. A camera reduces the chances of off racking, pushing pallets, losing materials after uneven fork placement, and lifting. Here’s a look at some of the forklift camera system:


–  Forklift Camera System

–  Fork-view Camera

–  Forklift Speed-limiter

–  Forklift Anti-Collision System


Forklift camera solution is a must-have for your business. Buying and installing the forklift camera is the decision that will aid you in achieving the strategic goals and competitive advantage.


  1. Equipment Maintenance

It’s very important that your forklift is in good condition. When equipment is modified or enhanced, be sure to offer further training opportunities for operators. For all forklifts, enforce pre-shift inspections. Have employees check to make sure the equipment operates to specifications, the attachment on the front matches the forklift model, the forklift is up-to-date on maintenance for critical elements like brakes and accelerators, and the forklift is fueled or charged. If a part is past its use date, don’t use it, even if the part looks like it’s still okay. It’s not worth putting yourself or your coworkers at risk.


  1. Fuel Checks

Sometimes, it’s not just how you use the forklift puts you in danger. Some of the biggest hazards might happen because of the way your forklift is powered. You’ll have a variety of reasons behind your choice, but be aware that each one poses a hazard that you must consider.  Diesel, gasoline, or any other internal combustion is probably a bad choice for most indoor uses.

So with all the hazards that those fuels create, why not just go electric?  Keep it simple, right?  No fumes to worry about.  But, the reality is, of course, that electric forklifts have their own set of issues.  Now you have to worry about charging stations, ventilation of those stations, eye wash stations, training your people to properly handle the batteries and more.

Depending upon your work environment, choose the forklift that suits it best.


  1. Speed Limit

Make sure you’re always in complete control of the forklift by staying in the seat and keeping your body within the frame of the vehicle at all times. Keep your seatbelt on for protection in case the forklift ever topples and never allow unauthorized people to drive or operate the forklift.


When you’re driving, always drive, stop, turn and lift or lower the forks as smoothly as possible and avoid fast movement. Sudden turns can topple a load or even throw the entire forklift off balance which makes it a bigger hazard for you and those around you. Be extra careful when navigating ramps and inclines.


A Quick Warehouse Forklift Safety Checklist:

–  Forklifts should always be inspected before operating.

–  Forklift operator must be trained and authorized to operate the forklift.

–  The area in which forklift is operated should be well lit and the area should be clear.

–  No one should be allowed on any part of the forklift while it is being operated.

–  Do not exceed the truck lift capacity.

–  Operators should remove the key from the ignition when leaving the forklift.

–  Never leave your forklift unattended when it’s being operated.

–  Wear appropriate safety clothing such as hard hats, safety shoes, and high-vis jackets.

–  Always be alert and attentive to your surroundings.

–  Do not drive fast or take sudden turns!

Now that you know the most important warehouse forklift safety rules to stick to, it’s time to put them to use. Poor safety standards make everyone’s job a little harder, leading to unhappy shifts and general aches and pains that could easily be avoided. Warehouse work is physically demanding and if you don’t take the right steps to take care of your workers, then you’re putting them at risk of developing serious health problems. 


It’s time for a change. If you are looking for safety solutions for your business, please reach out to us or browse through our forklift safety solutions for more information.

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