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Where can I get my Explosion proof camera serviced in the UAE?

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Where can I get my Explosion proof camera serviced in the UAE?

Family-owned SharpEagle provides expert facilities as an Explosion-proof camera system provider since 2009. An experienced tried and tested dealer of Ex-proof cameras. An extensive range of industries like chemicals, oil, and gas use them primarily for safety and surveillance reasons. Institutions like schools use them widely too. With elaborate research and manufacturing infrastructure in place, it is a one-stop-shop for six kinds of explosion-protected cameras. With headquarters in Dubai, they are responsible for installation and the camera setup process. Remember that the cameras are used mostly in hazardous locations where certain dangers like chemicals are faced. Extremes of temperature may be found. Setting up may be out at sea and in desert locations or underground in mines.

After-sales support and maintenance services

These professional cameras are sturdy and many come with stainless steel casings. As such, they will not be damaged easily. Yet, they work on software and are connected to server packages in the cloud. Explosion-proof cameras for Hazardous areas may not require much maintenance but they need to be watched. After the setting up of the cameras at the right locations, handling them may require skills and practice. The company provides information and instructions regarding the management of the cameras.

Company experts being available 24/7, they may be contacted for advice and support regarding the handling and control of the camera systems. If a problem arises, the company may be immediately contacted for quick and easy solutions. The trained staff is ready to take up any challenge. Doorstep services will rectify problems in record time. Work schedules will not suffer since downtime is very brief.

Office locations

Along with the Head Office in Dubai, company office locations are found in Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. In addition, company offices are also located in Australia and India.

The distinct advantages of Ex-proof camera systems

These specialized ATEX-rated cameras are nowadays regarded as compulsory in many industries. Every industry requires a human workforce even though machinery and software serve important uses. Ensuring worker safety is very essential and such surveillance CCTV systems reduce the dangers. In other words, just like CCTV in shops to guard against theft, a vast factory can be covered by such camera systems for supervision from a central location. If something is going wrong, the information arrives quickly via the screen software.

Productivity certainly increases significantly when workers are certain of safety and feel more confident. Like installing greenery in the office, the atmosphere has transformed and become more cheerful. Since the company has all the answers and knows all the mysteries of the cameras, there is no hesitation that they will successfully do the needful whenever required.

SharpEagle range of products

The company manufactures six types of Hazardous area camera systems –

– Ex-proof Mini IR camera
– Ex-proof PTZ Camera
– Ex-proof Zoom IR Camera
– Ex-proof Fixed Type Dome Camera
– Ex-proof PTZ Dome Camera
– Ex-proof Compact Color Camera

Solar-powered cameras serve remote areas

Install technologically advanced 4G/Wi-Fi cameras that run on solar power in faraway locations where the national grid may not reach. It feels good to be independent and contributing to the planet earth’s environment with renewable energy! Don’t you wish we could all do that?

The powerful cameras are built to tolerate harsh conditions. The remote viewing software enables the close monitoring of large areas. Farms and yards, construction sites, and parking lots require such systems. Night vision empowered and 24/7 cloud support offer the options of fixed or PTZ cameras.

Solar-powered cameras come in 3 configurations

Fixed type industrial solar camera system

Enjoy complete freedom from wires with absolute 2.4 GHz wi-fi connectivity. Weatherproof and 1080p Full HD, the 130 degrees wide viewing angle covers a greater area. Clearer night vision is ensured with Starlight. PIR Motion Sensor detects anything going wrong.

PTZ Solar Camera

Install the 2 megapixel HD 4G IP camera that supports the AP mode. Waterproof with a built-in mic, it supports a voice monitor. With Android and iOS applications, you get 6 pcs array infrared LEDs and a night vision distance of 80m.

Fixed type solar camera system for domestic use

With Video recording and video playback along with HD Night Vision, this camera works on battery and solar energy. A waterproof system that has Wi-Fi and 4G, it includes two-way audio and has a long standby time duration. Remote Monitor and PIR motion detection are other plus points.

Thermal Cameras for Fever Detection

A simple and inexpensive plug-and-play system detects high body temperature from 3 meters distance. Facial detection and other features make it an attractive product with the option of an integrated 32 inch or 42-inch screen. Multi-person detection makes it possible to work for 30 people together. A sturdy mobile TV stand makes it possible to install in shopping malls, schools, and hospitals.

Forklift Safety Systems have four products

– Forklift Camera System
– Fork View Camera
– Forklift Speed Limiter
– Forklift Anti-Collision System

If you are looking for explosion proof camera system Feel free to contact us at: Sharpeagle Technology

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