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Where Can You Buy Solar powered CCTV Cameras in the UAE?

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Where Can You Buy Solar powered CCTV Cameras in the UAE?

The development of solar power cameras is the outcome of the evolution in the field of technologies. At present many industries are widely using different types of Solar CCTV cameras made by top brands worldwide. These cameras have proven to be excellent security cameras that can easily use in those areas lacking electricity. 

Benefits of using a solar camera

Many industries prefer using solar cameras due to loads of benefits. 

These cameras offer the best security in remote locations where no electricity is available.
These cameras keep on operating during a power outage.
These are easy to install and easy to shift from one place to another.
These cameras keep on the day and night monitoring.
These cameras are widely used in hazardous areas.
Durability and robust design are two effective criteria for which these solar cameras have become extremely popular in different industries.
These cameras also come with rechargeable batteries, and hence these can capture videos and images during rainy and foggy weather. 

Recently, many top brands have designed hi-tech solar power cameras with powerful batteries and have a long life. Like other countries, in UAE, many companies are offering advanced solar cameras designed with advanced technologies. Let’s check the top companies from where one can get these cameras of international standard. 

1. SharpEagle – Leading Safety System Provider in Dubai

For those who want to get details on buying the best quality solar wifi camera, SharpEagle is the best solution. The company is well-known for its exclusive service in offering top-notch CCTV cameras. The solar cameras provided by the company come with 4G plus connectivity, and these cameras can work nicely in hazardous areas. The solar cameras offered by SharpEagle seem to be the best item to protect the belonging and lives at the workplace. 

Sharpeagle Technology

These cameras come with a 1080 entire HD facility, and these also possess the benefit of starlight night vision. 130 degree wide viewing angle has made this solar camera more efficient. These cameras are sturdy and can operate in any situation. 

2. Digit System Technology

The company is famous as DSTME, and it has emerged as a successful company that offers solar cameras with an advanced model. These cameras come with a 3G or 4G wireless facility with an excellent image sensor of ½.8” Progressive Scan. These cameras are also available with 1920×1080 resolution. The company ensures that these cameras are design best for remote areas. Moreover, it possesses internal storage facilities up to 120GB. 


HIKVISION has emerged as a reliable name in offering top-ranked solar CCTV cameras. The company provides standalone security cameras for general security purposes at any workplace in remote areas where electricity is not available. These cameras come with extended battery life and a durable power supply. These cameras are long-lasting and can work excellently in hazardous areas. These are easy to install, and it comes with a 40-watt solar panel. 


4. ECO-SOL Energy System

Once you search for top companies for solar-powered cameras, ECO-SOL can also be a good choice. The solar cameras made by the company do not require any electric cable, and these can work excellent, taking energy directly from nature. In addition, these cameras come with durable rechargeable batteries. The best part of these cameras is that they can also work well during rainy or foggy days. The company has offered the best solutions to oil and gas, irrigation, and Telecom to date. 

5. SafeCity Security solution

SafeCity Security solutions have emerged as one of the most dedicated providers of solar-powered security cameras in the UAE. The company is successfully operating in this industry for more than two decades. The company develops a wide range of products among which solar wireless CCTV is in high demand. The company ensures that these cameras can efficiently work in remote and hazardous areas. These cameras come with a 4G plus wife facility. Can enhance the solar power and controller depending on the requirement.

6. Prolynx

To get advanced designed solar Wifi cameras, Prolynx in UAE is another good company. The company has developed 2-megapixel cameras. End-users can use these cameras at home or the workplace quickly. These cameras typically get charged with sunlight but also can get charged with indoor light. These CCTVs also come with rechargeable batteries, and these can be used at any place. It is nice to notice that these cameras come with IP66 waterproof grade. You can get various designs of CCTV cameras offered by Prolynx. 

I hope all can get a detailed view of where you can buy a Solar CCTV camera in Dubai made with advanced features. All these companies do their business successfully for a long time. And they are always on the priority list of customers. 


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