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Why choose the Sharpeagle forklift safety system?

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Why choose the Sharpeagle forklift safety system?

Similar essential safety devices apply to the millions of drivers with their cars out on the public roads. While carefully researched traffic lights control the vehicles, forklifts have no such devices. Forklift drivers control everything. Don’t forget that forklift trucks essentially carry heavy loads and lift them to be stacked on racks high above the ground. Quite clearly, dangers of loads tripping over and injuries to the driver may occur. Pedestrians or other trucks could collide. While turning, toes and feet may get in the way. Forklift safety products save many would-be grim situations. Check out the details of the most essential Forklift safety device, an anti-collision system.

➢ Don’t forget the essential safety protocols.

Driver awareness through effective multimedia training and the optimum condition of the vehicles forms the prime requisites on the path to safety. 

•  Timely braking helps prevent accidents
•  Horns sound the alarm in critical situations
•  Lights in dim conditions or at night illuminate the dark corners
•  Seatbelts protect many drivers amidst accidents
•  Overhead guards protect drivers against falling packages

➢ Complexities of driving forklift trucks 

The forklift appears simple enough. The manipulation and the control seem to be rather uncomplicated but are that the truth? Though it seems that nothing can go wrong at that slow speed, accidents and injuries, destruction of materials, and even death occur.  

With packages piled up high in the front of the forklift, vision suffers. Imagine reversing with that blind spot in front. When it is time to lift or lower those mighty packages to and from tall racks, tensions rise again. It seems as if the drivers work in a blind world most of the time. With other workers around, it appears as if they will guide the driver which they often do. 

Advanced technology proves a blessing with 4G and WiFi along with the magical and mysterious software that raises alarms and alerts in the face of danger. Setting up camera systems without costly cables reduces expenses drastically. Solar energy shows the way to a cleaner and greener planet earth in the making. 

A safer work environment amidst heavy machinery requires security and safety integrated systems—glance at any home or office. At the entrance, you come across gadgets and guards dedicated 24 hours to security. Imagine the same setup amidst mighty engineering and chemical plants. A range of safety systems works together to ensure that nothing goes amiss. While so much is shifting online, many essentially heavy tasks like manufacture remain on the ground, subject to the same age-old dangers. 

➢ Sharpeagle forklift safety system

Though the subject does not hit media headlines, warehouse safety deserves lots more attention. Wherever heavy loads are concerned, the danger is present. Consider construction sites and ports, mines, and factories. Remote locations away from health facilities and the national grid could multiply the dangers.

Forklift trucks constantly shift heavy loads around and stack them on tall racks inside the warehouse. The goods need to be moved from the warehouse for delivery according to the supply orders. The security of goods and staff deserve attention indoors and outdoors. CCTVs would help guard against theft, and guards do a similar service. Other dangers are perennially present, like heavy packages falling over after the truck loses balance. While raising the packages to racks, the risks of toppling arise. Around the warehouse, collisions could happen with containers, trucks, and pedestrians. 

➢ Get organized with a budget and safety plan

Companies yet to adopt safety systems should do soon as preventives. Statistics each year shows the extent of accidents and damage, court cases, injuries, and deaths. The numbers increase all the time. Just like budgets on embellishment are considered necessary, safety procedures should figure first on the agenda! Check out the range of forklift safety products and install the required ones in phases. 

➢ Cameras enhance visibility 

As can well be imagined, the heavy loads in front of the truck impede the driver’s visibility. Shall we call it a blind spot? The solution is simple with a camera that displays a screen where everything around the truck is covered—the driver witnesses the screen during the loading and unloading process. According to the camera placements, the front, sides, and back of the truck show up on the screen, much like the CCTVs in shops. The shop screen may have four screens, each displaying a counter or room. A forklift camera system ensures a world of safety for everybody and goods and materials too. A fork-view camera shows a complete view of the surrounding environment. Reversing the truck, for instance, can be quite a bother.

forklift camera system

➢ Speed-limiter, an important forklift safety device

You don’t expect medium-sized trucks with heavy loads to race, but they occasionally do. Speed kills, as we all know, just like unhealthy addictions. The driver may not realize that speeding has begun. The customized alarm system raises a loud warning when the truck reaches the prescribed speed limit barrier. Could change the speed limit could be changed, but slow is safe. Drivers often make the mistake of speeding up in lonely spaces. Remoteness is risky because a person or vehicle may suddenly appear out of the blue. In crowded areas, we are naturally on guard. 

forklift speed limiter

➢ Forklift Anti-Collision System 

Advanced sensors carry out the task of working like guards in all four directions around the truck. Loud alerts warn the driver or pedestrians if they approach within a certain distance of the truck. May change this safety distance, according to requirements. Forklift trucks operating in and around the warehouse alone may not involve so many dangers. Such vehicles sometimes need to travel reasonably long routes with heavy loads. 

forklift anti collision system

The driver may doze off though they should not be doing that. Attention may waver due to some reason or the other, like worries. Technology never fails, and sensors guard the halo around the truck. When something or somebody gets close, an alarm immediately warns everybody concerned, like a police whistle or a factory siren. A must-install Sharpeagle Forklift safety system could prevent injury and death. 

Avoid haste. Check out the Forklift Safety Products and realize their crucial applications. Robust red or blue LED lights around the forklift and camera systems that show the surroundings on screens? 

Install SharpEagle’s Forklift Safety Device or two to start with, according to the dimensions of the company. Safety soon takes care of itself. 

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