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Why Ex-proof camera is necessary for Onshore & Offshore

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Why Ex-proof camera is necessary for Onshore & Offshore

A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark – Dante Alighieri

Everything starts off small, the biggest of fires need the smallest of sparks to burst into flames. If you are trying to give your life meaning and purpose, this sure does sound inspirational. But, as a company that deals with oil, gas, and highly inflammable chemicals it only paints the picture of a dangerous explosion that could have controlled if we had just been able to spot that spark on time.

Hazardous accidents such as a fire in an offshore or onshore oil rig, are always waiting around to happen at such worksites. To secure such sites you need to deploy extreme safety measures, 24×7 surveillance, and cameras that are explosion-proof. 


How explosion-proof camera can help?

The life-saving effects that a reliable Video surveillance camera system offers cannot be overemphasized, especially in the Marine, Oil & Gas (MOG) industry. Now let’s see how ex-proof cameras can help in situations like these by covering critical areas and facilities.


  • Prevent – With reliable video surveillance in place, you can spot that spark before it starts.
  • Contain – Even in case there is a fire you can contain it before it spreads on a large scale by dispatching help on time.
  • Save – Thus, saving loss of lives.


The feeling of safety triggers more productivity in such employees when compared with companies where employees don’t feel safe. As an experienced operator, with the help of a specialized explosion-proof video surveillance system, one can find quick solutions to avoid major and costly incidents even before they begin.


Effective solution for Hazardous Area

In Onshore & offshore rig, the line of work is risky. Thus they require CCTV Explosion-proof camera system. Sharpeagle Technology provides precisely the right explosion proof camera, as it facilitates a logical security team with visual information to monitor and safeguard the ongoing processes.  

Every explosion-proof camera is designed to work in harsh and remote environments. The right vision will provide you with the complete information of the worksite & give the alert for any suspicious activity preventing any mishaps from occurring.


Situational awareness 

In the oil & gas industry, split-second decision is significant; thus we use the situational awareness feature to help you make the correct informed decisions. To maximize workflow, Sharpeagle technology creates situational awareness with the help of carefully selected data streams. Its effect on the security network means that only relevant situations will be brought to your attention. We ensure that all components of the system work seamlessly together by providing solutions for all parts of the security network. This promotes a transparent and efficient overview of the safety protocol of the workplace.


So, here’s how the ex-proof camera is the best-suited safety measures that can help you in preventing accidents in the onshore & offshore, oil & gas industry. For more such updates on safety, solution stay tuned with us!

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