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Why forklift camera system is necessary for a construction company

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Why forklift camera system is necessary for a construction company

The construction industry is a diverse domain of commercial and industrial activities. Like many other industries, construction industries have benefited a lot from technological advancement. One such industrial intervention is the forklift camera system. This system comprises of special cameras particularly designed for industrial vehicles like the forklifts. By implementing forklift camera your company, you can offer forklift more control to the driver in various situations. In a construction company, management of activities is quite challenging, so these useful tools ease work fatigue and let you work with peace of mind. Forklift camera recorder further enhances the utility of the camera and provides a whole picture of the site so that useful and immediate actions can be taken.

If you are unsure about installing the camera at your site or logistics operations site, you must go through the utilities it can bring.

What forklift camera brings to your business!

If used strategically, forklift camera can turn into a great tool for increasing the efficiency and your business working. Here we have outlined some of the major utilities it brings to your business.

  • Increased Productivity

Every business, especially the construction companies, is aimed at enhancing its productivity level. It is possible only when all the systems and related operations are carried out with efficiency. The human resource employed at the company must be healthy both mentally and physically. The operating machines must be in good working conditions. A forklift camera system is a one-stop solution to achieve all of these goals. With the camera, the operator will get a clearer view of sight, and the blind-spot will be reduced. This system enables the driver to understand the proximity of the forklift to peripheral vehicles, lifts, pedestrians, and any potential obstacles within the work area. It will surely ease the safe operation and transportation of materials and products.

  • Increased Pedestrian Safety

Statistics about forklift accidents are quite alarming. According to recent statistics, forklift accidents bring along 85 deaths per year. Forklifts associated injuries sum up to 34,000 major injuries and 61,800 minor injuries. Around 80% of the time, these accidents affect pedestrians.

Among many chances of accidents, many results from crushing by a forklift, falling from the machine, or getting stacked. The majority of these accidents happen because the operator cannot have a unique view of the site. When a camera system is installed, it reduces the chances of these accidents. The driver and the manager both get satisfied as the forklift becomes safer with the camera.

  • Decreased Product Damage

Although forklifts are a valuable asset in the construction company, they can be sources of damaged products. The damage can happen during transportation. These damaged products can have a tremendous effect on the overall profitability of the business. Products pass through multiple steps of production, where all of the steps involve a lot of costs. Imagine the mental stress and loss, which you will encounter when a finished product is damaged. All this leads to added costs and delays.

A forklift camera will be your support against such damages. The camera enables a clear line of sight, allowing safe handling of the products. Moreover, for the drivers who are not professionally trained, the camera system will enable safe operations and lesser product damage. It will eventually increase your productivity and customer trust. When a damaged product reaches the customer, it earns a bad reputation about the quality of the product and overall brand integrity.

  • Eliminated Forklift Blind Spots

Blind spots present a lot of safety issues that cannot be avoided without a camera system. It occurs even when the vision is obscured because of an inappropriately installed camera. Especially when the forklift exits a trailer or comes down the aisle blind spots are enhanced. Blind spots are also improved when alloy of objects are placed on the lift, and the driver cannot view anything in front. Chances of accidents are increased in these cases. A wireless camera system comes handy in this case.

Assisted Placement and Retrieval of High Loads

A camera will surely benefit storage operations and warehousing where inventory is stacked up on racks. The forklift camera can be fixed at the fork level, which can help the operators guide the forklift tines within the pockets of the pallet. It also reduces the chances of off racking, pushing pallets, losing materials after uneven fork placement, and lifting. The number of damaged product is also reduced, which otherwise result from the forks getting in contact with them. Moreover, the forklift camera recorder assists in label reading.

You can get this camera in different variations.

  • A classic camera installed via a cable

It is the traditional version which assists the forklift drivers in executing a reverse maneuver. In this case, the quality of the wires will guarantee reliability.

  • A wireless camera connected over Wi-Fi

It is an advanced device that replaces the cable connection with Wi-Fi. This camera can easily be mounted on any type of vehicle, especially forklift.

  • A mounted camera placed directly over the forklift fork

It is the category of camera that is considered an exceptional tool for supporting forklift operators. It aids in speeding up the loading and unloading process by making the process safer and more precise. The shock-resistant and universal construction allow this camera to be fitted on any type of forklift.

  • A camera with a monitoring system – 360 Surround-view 

This system entails monitoring system which is made up of four fisheye camera made up of ultra-wide-angle. It is mounted on the rear, front, right and left sides of the vehicle. Side by side, the images collected from the surrounding area of the lift are captured and changed into a uniform view.

Forklift camera recorder is a must-have for your business. The completion in the construction industry calls for prompt and strategic decisions. Buying and installing the forklift camera is the decision that will aid you in achieving the strategic goals and competitive advantage.

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