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Wireless Camera System for Fork Trucks Provides Optimum Vision of Lifting Operations

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Wireless Camera System for Fork Trucks Provides Optimum Vision of Lifting Operations

Logistics operations cannot be possible without forklift trucks. These heavy machinery ensure uninterrupted activities in the production chain by transporting goods from one point to the other efficiently. 

However, forklift truck operation is not easy, and the driver has to put a lot of effort into maneuvering these machines safely, without any mishaps in the warehouse. But the good aspect is that wireless camera devices exclusively made for forklift trucks can make the day-to-day operation easy, safe, and smooth. 

➢  Let’s know in detail how a wireless camera system can increase the field of vision

•  360-degree view counters blind-spots

The most important aspect of a camera installed on a forklift truck is to identify and minimize accidents. Some of these cameras come with 360-degree viewing angles that extend the reach of the driver to evade possible safety issues.

One of these safety-related problems is the blind spots around the fork trucks, which can sometimes create problems restricting the driver’s field of view. But with the 360-degree viewing feature in wireless cameras, the inherent blind spots around the forklift can be avoided. For instance, the feature is extremely handy when a forklift leaves a trailer or comes down from a long aisle.

•  Real-time high-quality visual feedback

In places where fork trucks are used, operators are usually unable to see the loads they are moving. Many use mirrors to have a clear idea, but it often won’t alert the driver on the impending obstacles at the rear. Even the communication using hand signals among the fellow workmen sometimes fail to gather necessary information about the surroundings. 

On the flip side, a high-definition camera system for fork trucks can quickly transmit visuals to the driver and enable them to make smart decisions at that critical moment. 

•  Right placement matters

While the wireless camera system with 360-degree provision does give the operators an enhanced view of the surroundings, if it is not mounted correctly, you might not get the most out of it. One way to increase the limited visibility of the operator or driver is to place the camera on the front of the forklift. It will help steer the forklift by looking through the mast, depending on the type of mast on the forklift truck.

Another way to enhance the operator’s line of sight is to mount the camera on the forklift’s overhead guard. Using these placements techniques will prevent obscurity while carrying loads, without resulting in accidents or damaging the goods.

•  Night vision reduces obscurity

Night vision technology has come a long way, and forklift cameras are no exception. The cameras embedded with night vision technology help enhance clarity in low light or dark conditions. Some cameras offer up to 10-15m viewing of the surroundings, giving a visual warning to the people around well in advance.

Night vision

These cameras also enable the operator to view accurate loading during the lifting operation at night and prevent the bumping pallets causing dangerous uneven stacks, damaging goods, dropped loads, bending the racks or simply picking up the wrong pallet.

•  Reverse gear activation offers high levels of efficiency

The wireless camera system in the fork trucks allows the operator to reverse more safely. The camera combined with an active signaling system and reversing sensors let the driver move around safely and comfortably.

The monitor attached to the camera in the operator’s cab automatically switches to the camera imaging as soon as the direction of the driving is indicated. This signals the driver of the unfolding events to prevent a mishap.

Forklift truck operators usually encounter a lot of cumbersome and expensive items, slim aisles, and different rack heights. All of these challenges increase the chances of damages. A forklift camera can reduce the odds of onsite harm. With ease of use, the wireless camera system can increase precision and aid the fork truck drivers to stack bulky loads with utmost accuracy and safety.

Get the high-tech wireless camera and place and retrieve high loads without any issues

SharpEagle is at the forefront of providing tools that complement forklifts trucks and enhance safety in the warehouses. The forklift wireless camera system is a piece of advanced equipment that not only alerts the people in the area of fork trucks presence but also makes the lifting operations easier by enhancing the field of view.

Forklift camera

The camera system is an ultimate monitoring product that comes loaded with features including automatic backlighting and light control, recording, water, and impact-resistant casing, night vision, multi-image adjustment, and reverse gear activation screen. The entire kit features a large digital LCD and a wireless camera powered by an 8700mAh battery.

Installing a wireless camera system on a forklift truck has lots of benefits, and it can open the gates of boosting your business by increasing efficiency in operations. It is a crucial step towards making the workplace atmosphere safe and saving you a significant amount of money in the long run.

The products at SharpEagle are of the highest standard of quality, and this achievement comes with years of experience in manufacturing and selling high-tech, robust and durable products in the Middle East, Asia Africa and Australia. So, are you planning to install a wireless camera system in your establishment? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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