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Wireless Solar Cameras: Boon for Construction Industry

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Wireless Solar Cameras: Boon for Construction Industry

Construction companies fall in the category of the industries that require security and monitoring solutions rigorously but, unavailability of resources like advanced technology, rich budgets, internet cabling, power connectivity, construction companies keep complaining about their site monitoring and security concerns.

To address and solve monitoring and security concerns, now we have cost-effective yet advanced technology available in the form of solar construction cameras or you can call them wireless construction cameras as well.  Solar cameras are integrated with solar panels. When exposed to natural sunlight, these panels are charged hence, they run without electricity. As these cameras are wireless too, they can be placed without any complexity of cabling or wiring.

Let’s read why you should choose solar cameras as construction cameras out of the bunch of different construction monitoring solutions,

•  Timelapse Sequence

Solar cameras record video and maintain timelapse sequence precisely even when there are troubles like inaccessibility to terrain, shortage or absence of power, issues of a network of geography, etc.

•  Precisely Ruggedized

To make monitoring unhindered, harsh weathers and extreme temperatures have been considered while manufacturing solar cameras.

•  Documentation Tool

Solar construction cameras are not a great tool for keeping a close watch on your site only, but also a wonderful tool for documentation. Documentation helps resolve employee disputes, give training, incorporate best work practices and investigate accidents.

•  Investors Pitching

With live video streaming, you can showcase real-time activities to investors without taking them to your site, because of which they can always stay in the loop of the progress of the site. That’s how it becomes convenient for you and your investors to have transparency in business.

•  Marketing & Conviction Factor

You establish your business as a genuine brand in the market because of the records you maintain. It empowers you to present the facts and information whenever required, which uplifts brand credibility in the market.

From addressing key construction monitoring concerns to investors pitching to cost-effective factor to enhancing brand value, solar construction camera has a long list of advantages. All you have to do is you need to get in touch with a company that can understand your need and help you place cameras strategically that brings hassle-free real-time monitoring at your fingertips.

If you are looking for solutions for your monitoring concerns, we’re interested in your project. Get in touch with us at (+971) 44541054.

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