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Forklift Safety Systems

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View-on-Fork Camera; Lift it with Safety

Forklift and Reach-Truck Operators often works with guess work specially while placing goods on high racks. It is challenging for the operators to see where the forklift is pointing at without stretching their neck resulting is personal ergonomics injury, possible damage of equipments, property, assets etc due to slipping of loads, tilting of the vehicle and more.

SharpEagle presents an innovative solution of FORK-VIEW camera that gets fixed on the fork of the forklift giving a clear perspective to the operator. System comes with a monitor which is placed near the operator for clear view. This system helps the operator to work efficiently with safety.

forklift camera system

Placing & Retrieving High Loads

SharpEagle’s Fork-View Camera system is an ideal solution for warehousing and storage operations where inventory is stored high on racks. Thereby, assisting the forklift operator with guiding the forks into the pockets of the pallet.

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Decrease Product Damage

SharpEagle’s Fork-View Camera system helps in Reducing the chances of pushing pallets of the Rack, losing products due to uneven lifting/fork placement or damaged product due to the forks coming into contact with them.

forklift safety system

Save Time

SharpEagle’s Fork-View Camera system improves the visibility and significantly reduces the risk misjudging the position of the forks. Hence avoiding delays and saving time.

How does Fork-View cameras help improves Safety & productivity?

Improves Safety

Camera gets attached to the fork of the forklift providing LIVE vision from the fork to the operator. He does not have to rely on guess work.

System consists of:

A camera, a monitor and a dynamic cable. The entire camera system is IP69k water and Dust proof, shockproof and works in the most extreme temperatures (-20°C to +70°C). The Front Protection glass is Water and dust repellant.

Work twice as fast

SharpEagle’s forkview camera system can help you in maximizing its level of productivity by providing a much clearer view of sight rather than a blind-spot. All of this will assist the forklift operator in the safe transporting of products and materials.

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