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Forklift Safety Systems

Accidents hurt, Safety doesn't

A Forklift can be one of the most dangerous pieces of Equipment in the workplace. Awful visibility can be the cause to so many Forklift Injuries & ruin equipment, and this is not hard to see why. When you consider the visibility challenges of operating a forklift and the general safety dangers presented by forklifts, it becomes quite clear that safety cameras are more important on a forklift. Here’s when we come in the picture.

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Set Your Site Higher & Safer.

Forklift, Loader and Reach trucks can be very dangerous vehicles. They come in multiple sizes and their operators often face poor visibility issues due to tough working environment such as large tyres, high noise work environment and lots more. Forklift Camera System is an ideal solution that helps forklift operator become aware of his surrounding. Our solution consists of 4 cameras, Digital screen, MDVR and complete wiring. System helps the operator to get 360* view of the surroundings of the forklift. Our system can also transmit visuals to a central monitoring location by help of SIM CARD or Wifi. This helps the system become robust and totally controllable from office.

Increase productivity

SharpEagle’s Forklift Camera system helps in maximizing the level of productivity by providing a clearer view of sight rather than a blind-spot. All of this will assist the Forklift operator in the safe transportation of products and materials.

Increase pedestrian safety

SharpEagle’s Forklift Camera system provides a clear vision to the operator of the person who is the line of travel and take life saving measures. Thus. reducing accidents by providing the operator to move safely around the premises aided by cameras.

Forklift blind spots reduce or eliminate

SharpEagle’s Forklift Camera system provides the operator 360° view of the surrounding. Thus, forklift operator will be able to identify and avoid inherent blind spots located around the forklift.


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