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forklift speed limiter

Forklift Speed-Limiter; Fast forklift can kill

Forklift’s are not designed for speed; they are designed to lift heavy objects. Statistics show that over-speeding is one of the major contributing factor for fatalities or serious injuries. Drivers become complacent and drive fast, leading to an accidents. Fast driving shortens a driver’s reaction time and turning on a corner too fast could cause the forklift to tilt on one side.

Forklift Speed-Limiter helps you overcome these issues in following ways:

  • Fixed maximum speed limit for the vehicle from 6 to 30 KM/hour
  • Sound a warning alarm via PA Horn speaker on reaching permissible speed
  • Warning sound alarm can be changed.
  • Remote control option to change the speed limit

Forklift Speed-limiter

forklift speed limiter

How does forklift Speed-Limiter help in improving safety & production?

Improved Road Safety

A recent study found vehicles with speed limiting devices have a 50% lower crash rate compared to vehicles without such devices.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Faster you drive, the more fuel you use. Thus, SharpEagle’s speed limiting device will increase the fuel efficiency.

Reduced Emissions

Along with increasing the fuel efficiency, SharpEagle’s speed limiting device also reduces emission. Faster you drive, the more fuel you use, the more carbon-dioxide is produced.

Forklift Speed-limiter

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