See What Can’t Be Seen with Explosion Proof Camera

January 9, 2018by sharpeagle0

To maintain health and safety, explosion-proof cameras are required in hazardous areas. The cameras offer HDTV resolution image quality. In nowadays, explosion proof CCTV camera becomes more popular. It is one of the most efficient devices which can help to protect your construction site from any type of accidents. The majority of ex-proof CCTV cameras are usually used for surveillance and security purposes.

Explosion proof cameras are designed to operate in hazardous or explosive environments including pharmaceutical and chemical plants, oil refineries, petrol stations, grain stores or other dusty environments. These intrinsically safe cameras will:

  1. Reduce the workload and danger for personnel.
  2. Minimize the need for access to hazardous zones by providing high quality live or recorded video from the area.
  3. Have alarms and event monitoring capabilities which can be set up to create alerts when problems arise.

Using explosion-proof cameras can greatly streamline production and simplifies the monitoring in different situations without any need to present physically in the hazardous area which also helps to improves safety in the workplace.

An explosion-proof camera operates with traditional equipment whereby the difference is its camera housing. The housing effectively separates the outside atmosphere and the atmosphere of the camera so that if there is an electrical surge or the module inside the house sparks it will not cause the flammable fumes outside to explode protecting your employees.

Explosion Proof Cameras Help in Intercepting Accidents:

Right security camera system always helps to increase safety because you will be observing employee practices in real-time. When certain dangerous actions are observed by the camera, the video analytics will prompt viewing of the live feed. A safety expert or supervisor can watch the live feed at all times or whenever necessary.

This ex-proof camera helps in ensuring maximum security because when a company deals with hazardous materials, it is necessary that any form of obstructing is prevented.  It becomes easier to avoid any ruin; in case of other security measures are not effective enough to keep the culprit out of the sensitive areas of the industry.

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